How Defective Tyres Can Cause Car Accidents?

What makes your driving steady and stress-free? There are many factors like good engine performance, smooth steering, and controllable brakes and along with these factors, the most important factors are good quality tires with an accurate pressure.

Tires are the primary components and play a crucial role in maintaining the balance and controlling your vehicle. If the tires are defective or they damage while driving at high speed then they can have a terrible effect suddenly on the performance of a car. The car loses its control and the results can be devastating collisions with other vehicles that can lead to fatal as well as non-fatal injuries.

Many people don’t give attention to the tires. Either they completely neglect the tire repair or have poor maintenance of tires. While the other cause can be manufacturing defects in tires, any kind of negligence can lead to a terrible accident.

If you have faced an accident due to the negligence of a third party or the mistake of the manufacturer then you can file a claim against them. You can better take help from a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer. Your lawyer will investigate the whole incident and help you to get better compensation.

Leading Causes of Defective or damaged Tyres

Well, most tire damage can be easily avoidable if they are maintained and looked after properly. Many causes of damaged tires lead to tragic injuries, knowing about the causes can help you to maintain safety.

•Maintain inflation pressure

Every vehicle has its ideal tire pressure and it’s necessary to maintain it. If they are not properly maintained then either two situations take place 

  • Under-inflated which means tires reduce the air by pulling it off the rim. 
  • Overinflated tires mean inflated pressure is high that can be prone to blowouts as the air inside the tire starts heating due to fractions.

It has been recommended to avoid both situations which means underinflation and overinflation. 

•Tire Tread Separation

Tire tread separation means when the outer part of the tire that provides grip to be on the road, starts to separate from the body of your tire.

Tread separation can cause a major accident and the main cause of tread separation are manufacturing errors, over-inflation or overuse of tires.

•Weak Or Old Rubbers of Tires

Tires are made up of rubbers that get damaged if the vehicle is left unused for a long period. Rubbers get affected by sun and UV rays. 

•Defective Materials

Defective or low-quality material can be one of the main causes of tire damage. Here, the companies are at fault as they make their money by using low-quality products.

•Mechanical Issues

The whole mechanics behind a car helps to give a smooth ride. If any of the parts are lacking in a good performance then they can affect other parts. For example, if the steering is hard and not smooth that will badly influence the tires. And the pressure on tires can increase that leading to tire damage. 


To save your and other life it’s important to change the tires if they have got damaged. 

How To Prevent a Defective Tire Accident?

You can avoid defective tyres accidents by keeping a few things in mind

  • Make sure that your automobile carries the relevant load
  • Avoid Underinflation and over-inflation
  • You should drive at the specific speed that is required or acceptable
  • Slopes should be maintained properly and shouldn’t exceed 5 to 6% of incline.
  • Make sure your tyre is of good quality and has a prolonged life
  • Maintain professional style of driving 

What To Do If Defective Tires Of Someone Else’s Vehicle Cause A Collision?

If you have gone through a severe accident and the casualty happened because the tires of a third party’s car were defective, or suddenly got failed into the middle of the road due to improper maintenance of tires. This causes a massive collision between the automobiles and results in long term injuries. You can take legal action against the driver as he was responsible for the poor maintenance of the tires.

And if defective tires were manufacturing faults due to the negligence of owners or manufacturers, then you can hold them accountable with the help of your lawyer as they have the experience to deal with such cases.

In Last

Defective tires can cause severe accidents as the car loses control suddenly and collides with the other vehicle. Therefore, It’s important to maintain your car tires and keep checking their quality condition. 

If you have faced an accident due to the damaged tires of another driver’s car then it’s your right to take legal help against the offenders. You should hire a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer. Your lawyer will investigate whether it was the driver’s negligence or it was a manufacturing error. Then your lawyer will take legal action accordingly either against the driver or the manufacturers and ask for fair compensation for your loss including financial, medical and lost wages.

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