How to Open Corporate Demat Account

With the help of a Corporate Demat Account and a Corporate Trading Account, the corporate companies in India have the immense possibility of wealth creation for your company. Corporate Accounts help the Indian Corporates develop a powerful portfolio that meets the specific investment requirements of the companies.

What is a Corporate Demat Account?

A Corporate Demat Account is a Demat account opened in the name of Private Companies or Corporate Houses for stock market investments. The following type of companies can open a Demat account in their company’s name –

  • Public Limited Companies
  • Corporate Houses
  • Private Companies

These companies use the Demat Account to invest in –

  • Mutual Funds
  • Equities, and
  • Other Investment Opportunities

How can a Corporate Company go about Opening a Demat Account?

You can register a Demat account for your company online with any renowned broking firm. You can open a corporate Demat Account quickly and easily by following a simple and easy procedure –

  • Step 1 – Complete your Corporate Demat Account Application
  • Step 2 – Upload Each Account Holder’s KYC Forms
  • Step 3 – Upload Account Holders’ Aadhar Numbers and Photos (Self-Attested)
  • Step 4 – Upload Copies of Each Account Holder’s Pan Cards and the Company’s Pan Card
  • Step 5 – Upload Each Account Holder’s and the Company’s Address Proofs
  • Step 6 – Upload Account Holders’ Canceled Cheques or the most recent Three months Bank Statement
  • Step 7 – Upload Partnership Balance Statement for the Last Two Fiscal Years (new enterprises must upload their IT returns declaration)
  • Step 8 – Upload Completed Annexures
  • Step 9 – Upload FATCA Disclosure

What Is The Process For Opening A Corporate Demat Account?

Corporate clients can easily open a Corporate Demat Account with their preferred broking firm by completing their KYC using the simple online process. The following are the simple steps to open a Corporate Demat Account –

  • Register for a Corporate Account with your preferred broking company through their website
  • Sign Up using your smartphone by downloading their mobile App (Android & iOS)
  • It will take you roughly 5 minutes to Sign Up if your documents are updated
  • After you’ve uploaded all of the required documents, they’ll be verified by the verification team of the Broking Company
  • You will have successfully opened your Corporate Demat Account online once your documents have been verified

The Advantages of a Corporate Account

Corporates may find that investing in equity markets is the best way to manage their capital. Corporates can open a Corporate Trading Account and manage their finances wisely if they are urged to increase their money and have a safe and secure store of value. Benefits of opening a Corporate Trading Account include –

  • Discipline Diversity – 

We put our extensive knowledge to work for our corporate clients, coordinating all elements to safeguard their investments and maximize profits

  • Monetary Planning

The broking firm’s financial strategies are designed to help the business clients build and maintain healthy portfolios. The broking companies specialize in the financial planning of the corporate clients’ finances.

  • A Comprehensive Approach

For corporate clients, the broking companies take a holistic approach that encompasses –

  • Portfolio Management
  • Tax Planning
  • Financial Product Curation
  • Financial Trend Forecasting
  • Specialization

Brokerage companies like Choice India are experts in corporate portfolio management. Because of their client-centric approach, they have created and maintained a good relationship with their clients throughout the years.


Corporates in India have a unique opportunity in the equity markets by opening a Corporate Demat Account and Corporate Trading Account for their corporate firms. The process for opening a Corporate Demat Account is simple and easy due to the advancement of online options. Open a Corporate Trading Account for your Company and gain the benefits with your growing corporate portfolio.

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