Love dies and people break up. It happens quite often and most people accept it and move on. However, there are those who just can’t get over their ex. They can’t stop thinking about this person and what to get back together more than anything. It’s so painful that sometimes they wish they hadn’t met that person at all. Statistically, only 10% of couples get back together after a breakup. However, a spell to make someone think of you increases it to 34%, while a powerful spellcaster does it to an impressive 95%.

Spells to make one person think about another person are quite easy to cast and today we’ll teach you some of them. On our blog there are other spells with similar effects. However, today we’ll focus not on the ritual but on what precedes it – developing the right mindset, energy accumulation and cleansing. We’ll teach you how not to let your mood impact the result. Experienced magic practitioners know that the right mindset is just as important as sufficient knowledge and skills. Without it, it’s impossible to cast effective spells. For this reason spellcasters spend so much time achieving internal peace and emotional balance.

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Spell to make someone think of you non-stop

You can’t cast a spell to make someone think of you non-stop without being in the right mood. This should be the core idea of your entire preparation process, so we’ll do our best to help you prepare for the ritual properly.

Strangely, the first obstacle that can come your way is your excessive desire to get your ex back. Some people believe a strong desire to achieve something is what helps people achieve it and what can work wonders sometimes. However, such desire should be accompanied by calmness and excitement like the one you feel before your favorite holiday. If you’re nervous or anxious, your chakras turn into an oven burning all your energy for nothing. In this state it’s very difficult to accumulate enough energy, so it’s critical to calm down and pull yourself together.

Any strong obsessive desire for something has similar effects on the chakras. When you really want something, the following biological processes are activated in your body:

  • Increased nerve impulse speed;
  • Increased nerve impulse production;
  • Increased adrenaline levels;
  • Increased hormone production;
  • Fast heart rate and elevated blood pressure;
  • Increased muscle tone;
  • Increased brain and nervous system function.

This puts you in a state similar to the one experienced by athletes and manual laborers after finishing physical activity. They can burn energy at rest almost at the same rate as when they were, for example, running or swinging a hammer, hence the need to take your desire to get back together with your ex under control to be able to accumulate enough energy.

To this end you should stay cheerful, believe in success, and understand that the final outcome depends not on your desire to be with your ex or your anxiety, but on your diligence in preparing for casting spells to make someone think of you.

To calm down, visualize your reunion, meditate and practice mantra meditation at least 4-5 times a day, and your anticipation will transform from destructive into positive. Some magic practitioners suggest taking sedatives, but we strongly disagree with it. Sedatives, which are central nervous depressants, and seemingly harmless coffee, which people drink in order to increase their energy levels, are enemies to magic. When you take sedatives, you lose about two thirds of your overall energy, while caffeine makes you generate low-quality energy which can’t be used in magic rituals.

Another obstacle is your tiredness. It’s quite easy to stop feeling tired. Just decrease your physical activity for two or three weeks and continue doing moderate-intensity exercises, adjust your routine to sleep at least eight hours a night, and eat healthy. When you stop feeling tired all the time, your energies will become much purer. Some readers may wonder if they should take any sleeping pills in case they can’t sleep for more than 6 hours a night. Our answer is no, don’t take any sleeping pills. In the evening just turn the light off, turn off all your gadgets, including the TV, smartphone and laptop, lay down, and close your eyes. Such rest will also help your body recover.​

The third obstacle to cast an effective spell to make him think of me is energy clogging, chakra disorders, energy toxins, and unhealthy subtle bodies. This obstacle is the hardest to eliminate. However, it’s still possible. The best way to do it is hunger therapy (unless there are any counter-indications). Don’t eat anything for 36 hours at the very beginning of your three-week preparation stage. This will boost your energies cleansing all your energy systems naturally.

Moreover, your rejuvenated subtle bodies will help you eat heathier and get quality rest. You may suddenly feel like working out more or, for example, quitting smoking or drinking coffee. Your subtle bodies know what exactly you need to do to improve their function, so when you feel like leading a heathier lifestyle, go for it.

Throughout the entire preparation stage which lasts for three weeks, you should fast, take a shower or bath twice a day, stay calm, and have a good night’s sleep. After a while you’ll feel completely rejuvenated, as if you finally recovered after a long-term illness. When you reach this state, go ahead and cast your spells to make someone think of you. Now you have a chance to cast them successfully. If you don’t, let a professional spellcaster do the job.

A spell to make him think of me non-stop

Let’s find out what results you should expect casting your spell to make him think of me non-stop. You want someone to not just remember about you, call you, ask you out, invite you for dinner, or send you a couple of texts. You want to “install a program” into your loved one’s conscious mind to make him think about you all the time. Besides, he should remember the good things about you to want to get back together.

Basically, it’s a powerful mental love spell put on the head chakra. Since it’s a very powerful spell, you should understand that not all people are physically able to handle it. So before you cast a make him think of me spell, make sure the target doesn’t have any of the below health issues:

  • Memory loss;
  • Poor cerebral circulation;
  • Cerebral artery occlusion;
  • Hallucinations;
  • Anxiety;
  • Nightmares;
  • Fears and panic attacks;
  • Depression;
  • Suicidal behavior.

The magic practitioner will find it all out through fortune-telling which is mandatory before each spell. He knows that the mental impact of a spell (impact on a person’s conscious mind) can make the existing mental health condition worse. As a result, the target may fall into an abyss of insanity and never be able to get out of it, unless he uses quite expensive professional magic services provided by an experienced spellcaster.

We’re pretty sure you’re familiar with the law of karma which states “As you sow, so shall you reap!” If you damage someone’s mental health, expect something similar happen to you in the near future. If it doesn’t happen to you, it will happen to your children or grandchildren. Karma can make you pay for the crimes committed in different ways, yet the payment is inevitable.​

So don’t believe websites describing magic as some game you can play any time you want without making any preparations. Magic spells, simple or not, are a very serious matter. Taking your first step in magic is like walking a tightrope suspended over a bottomless pit. One careless step and you’ll fall. No, you won’t feel the physical pain of the ground crashing against your teeth. You’ll only mess up your fate and destroy your destiny, with unhappiness and multiple health conditions becoming an integral part of your life.

For this reason it’s always better to buy a spell to make him think of me constantly from an experienced magical professional with a good rating.

The spell to make someone think of you constantly is cast for nine days. So before you start preparing for it (let us remind you that the preparation stage which is mandatory lasts for three weeks), you should find a lunar calendar and choose nine new moon days in a row.

Print out a bunch of your pictures and cut the heads out. Then take a picture of your loved one and glue the heads to the back side covering the whole area. If anything sticks out, don’t cut it off and just fold and glue it.

On the first day of your ritual, put three candles in front of yourself – white, blue and red. Light them and move them together. Let the wax melt merging the candles together. If there’s not enough wax melting, carefully shake the candles and blow on the wax as needed. The candles should be big enough to last for all nine days.

When the candles merge together, put the picture of your loved one in front of yourself, take a mirror and direct the reflection of the candle light right at his face. Yes, this ritual is performed in a completely dark room at night. If there’s any light coming from the street or passing cars or neighbors’ windows, close the blinds or cover the window with a blanket. The only light allowed in the room is moonlight. Moreover, moonlight will help you perform your ritual better.

With the candle light shining right in your loved one’s face, start moving your index finger around it clockwise, saying,

“Hear me (your loved one’s name), I’m talking to you (your loved one’s name), I’m calling for you (your loved one’s name). I’m clearing your head of all thoughts unrelated to me. I’m sweeping out all the thoughts about other women (men). You won’t think about anyone but me. I’m putting an image of me into your head – cheerful and sad, thoughtful and uncaring, sexy and friendly. Let it be the main imagine you’ll be preoccupied with. You’ll think only about me (your name). These thoughts will excite you and keep you awake. They’ll be so powerful that you won’t be able to get rid of them. They’ll turn into a rope that will not only pull you (your loved one’s name) closer to me (your name) but also tie you (your loved one’s name) to me (your name) keeping you tied until I tell you ‘Enough!’ I’m asking you to think about me! I’m demanding that you think about me! I’m commanding you to think about me!”

Repeat this spell as many times as you can. The next day just rest and meditate to accumulate more energy. In the evening repeat the ritual as described above. Do it for nine days in a row. As a result, the spell will make the target think about you all the time. To stop it, the target will have to work with a professional spellcaster. Another way to make the target stop thinking about you is to tear the picture used in that think of me spell that works into pieces and say,

“Don’t think about me anymore! Don’t think about me anymore! Don’t think about me anymore! Forget me! Forget me! Forget me!”

In conclusion we’d like to draw your attention to the fact that this ritual shouldn’t be put on people who you’re not seeing as your life partner and your lover. This spell shouldn’t be used for fun or revenge purposes. When misused (its primary goal is to encourage the target to fall in love with you or to forgive you for something you’ve done), it has a lot of negative karma and energy effects.

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