For the first time high-tech style in the interior appeared in England in the middle of XX century, and at the end of that century it spread to other European countries and the United States.

The growth in popularity of this style tishare contributed to the publication of the literary publication “high-tech”, which described in detail the principles of the union of architecture and progressive technological discoveries. It was during this period, the use of individual elements of industry in the development of interior spaces became widespread

Initially, the new style could be seen only in architectural solutions applied to urban industrial buildings. But gradually it began to be traced in the arrangement of residential premises and offices.

Features of the style

High-tech is a style, the essence of which is to give the elements of architecture functionality. Each of these details can become a part of the interior.

Attention! High tech implies a high practicality of all design elements and does not provide the use of decor in its classic sense.

Instead of decorations are used details of stylishster glass and chrome elements. To divide the single room into zones, sliding door modules and partitions, mostly with transparent inserts, are commonly used. They allow you to transform the space as you see fit.

Characteristic features of high-tech

Despite the fact that the style of high-tech in the interior seems to many dry, cold and devoid of life, it often serves as the basis for creating a cozy home atmosphere.

Its distinctive features are:

  • minimalism;
  • high ergonomics;
  • the use of ultramodern materials;
  • the introduction of advanced technology;
  • a large amount of light and free space;
  • absence of decorative elements;
  • functionality;
  • use of mobile furniture and objects-transformers;
  • the predominance of glass, metal, concrete and plastic elements;
  • the presence of sliding partitions;
  • multiple sources of decentralized lighting;
  • clear shapes and lines, abstraction.

Expansion of the space is achieved with the help of diffused lighting, glass sliding door structures and partitions. Check my profile here

Interior trim

The high-tech design involves the predominance of restrained and pastel tones. Any bright shades can be used as accents, which should be used meteredly without excessive abuse.

A minimum variety of colors implies a combination of different textures. It is recommended to use glossy and matte elements of the same shade.

The prevailing materials are a combination of glass and metal and plastic.

Attention! Important elements of high tech are a large amount of light and contrast, creating the impression of lightness and transparency.


When decorating the floor, the most suitable option are tiles and porcelain tiles. You can use a covering or carpet made in understated colors. It can also be artificial fur or a copy of the skin of a wild animal.

Attention! The color of the floor must match the shade of the walls. The optimal choice is a glossy reflective coating, visually expanding the space.


Interiors in high-tech style imply installation of functional sliding structures made of ultramodern materials with glass elements. They are characterized by ease of use and take up a minimum of space.

The door sliding modules help to save useful space and visually enlarge the space with the possibility of transformation. These designs make it possible to merge two rooms into one, if desired.


Interior design in the described style needs increased attention to the design of the ceilings. To this end, it is customary to use the following techniques:

  • strict geometry of forms;
  • multi-level structures;
  • concealed lighting with the installation of halogen lamps.

To achieve the tasks is mainly used gypsum board. This material is characterized by the convenience of installation and a high index of durability.

Wall decoration

In the design of the walls, it is necessary to exclude the use of decorations and ornaments. The surface should be monochrome. Any pastel shades are allowed. Wallpaper should not be used.

As a decoration can be used black and white photos, installed in a frame, as well as modern abstract paintings.

Attention! Often natural materials such as stone or wood are used for wall design.


High tech in design involves the use of laconic fixtures with a strict geometric shape.

Halogen lamps are installed on the ceiling. The use of spotlights and panels with backlighting is recommended.


The furniture in the high-tech style is characterized by simplicity and multifunctionality. Not recommended cluttering cabinets.

The use of mobile structures, such as a mini table on wheels, is recommended. It is also desirable to have pieces of furniture whose shape can change, such as a sofa-transformer.

The surface of all structures should be flat and smooth. As a decor, silver or metal-colored fittings can be used.

Metal racks are used to store various items. When choosing chairs, it is recommended to give preference to office-type models, upholstered in leather (synthetic or natural) and equipped with inserts made of metal.

Upholstered furniture has a clear geometric shape. It is recommended to choose models of calm shades with a bright element, in the role of which sofa cushions can act. Sometimes a piece of furniture in a contrasting tone is used. The presence of more than one eye-catching detail is not recommended best mutual funds.


Often on the ceiling and wall surfaces as decoration can be seen pipes or their components. They are usually made of metal or glass.

One of the characteristic features of the described style is the use of advanced technology. Projector, chrome refrigerator, TV with big screen, ultramodern acoustics are in best harmony with this design.

Attention! Electric fireplace or a large aquarium can also decorate the room.


Style hi tech in the interior excludes the possibility of using textiles. The functions of the curtains are performed by metal blinds. Sometimes their combination with long light monochrome curtains is allowed. To fix them, it is recommended to use curtain rods of the hidden type, installed on the ceiling.


So, high-tech – what is it? This is a fashionable high-tech style of interior design, which is characterized by severity, minimalism, functionality and a lot of free space.

It is chosen mainly by city dwellers who prefer restraint. This type of design is preferred by people who feel comfortable in an environment dominated by glass and chrome, strict clear shapes, straight lines and pastel colors.

Especially suitable style of high tech interior design for the arrangement of small apartments and studios. This is due to its functionality.

Do not ignore it and the owners of country houses. Restraint and minimalism combined with the latest technological developments without unnecessary items cluttering the space looks great in the premises of this type.

In addition, the style of high is the calling card of wealthy people who seek a comfortable stay, which is provided by the installation in a house or apartment of samples of technology of the latest developments.


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