What is Laser Labiaplasty?

labia majora reconstructive surgery to get the desired shape It also has other effects as follows:

– reduce inflammation of the labium during menstruation When wearing tight clothing, swimwear, exercise clothes, underwear, etc.

– Reduce pain during sex

– Help make it more beautiful boost confidence

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labium reconstructive surgery Or what is labia minora reduction surgery?

labium reconstructive surgery Or labia minora reduction surgery is surgery to reduce the size or shape of the labium. Located on the outside of the vagina. Surgery to decorate the labium. Or surgery to reduce the size of labia minora can correct the appearance of the vulva to be beautiful. help women to be more confident and found that after surgery Reduced pain or irritation in the area Laser surgery has the effect of being more precise and accurate. can control the depth of the surgical wound The wound heals quickly. help reduce blood loss make it possible to return to daily life faster

Why do women need the labium surgery? or labia minora reduction surgery

– The labia minora is large or deformed and unequal.

– In some cases, women have enlarged labia minora after childbirth or when they are older.

– Chronic irritation around labia minora may occur in women wearing tight clothing. This may interfere with sex, while playing sports.

What will happen after labia minora surgery or labia minora reduction surgery? And how many days to return to work?

– The first few days after the surgery, you will feel a slight pain in the surgical wound. After that the symptoms will subside. Patients who undergo surgery will be given pain medication and antibiotics. The wound will heal completely 4-6 weeks after the surgery. The sutures will dissolve on their own without having to cut the stitches.

– Most surgery patients are able to return to work within 2-3 days after surgery.

– It is recommended to refrain from strenuous exercise for at least 1 month after the surgery.

– Abstain from sexual intercourse for about 3 months after the surgery.

Preparation before surgery

  1. Abstain from drugs and foods that affect blood clotting, such as aspirin, fish oil, at least 1 week before the surgery.
  2. If there is a congenital disease and drug allergy, you must inform the doctor in advance.
  3. Take a shower to cleanse the body before surgery.
  4. Prepare loose panties. for wearing after surgery
  5. Because the surgery will cause some blood loss Therefore, people with heart disease should consult a doctor before surgery.
  6. Should be done before or 1 week after menstruation.

Surgical procedure

– Apply an anesthetic to the area to be operated on and rest for 1 hour before the surgery.

– Surgery for the part of the labia minora that is protruding abnormally Then decorate it to be the shape that is as close to the normal size as possible.

– The surgery takes about 1 hour. The sutures are dissolved. No need to come back to cut the silk later.

– When the surgery is done The doctor will let the patient rest for about 1 hour to observe the symptoms. If there are no abnormal symptoms, they can go home.

– During the first 1-2 weeks, the wound will be slightly swollen. After that it will gradually improve.

Postoperative care

– Able to shower normally But do not use cleaning agents inside. Wash with clean water for 1 month.

– Abstain from sexual intercourse for about 3 months after the surgery.

– Take medicine and follow the advice of the doctor strictly.

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