What Will Happen If You Don’t Report Police After Car Accident?

Car accidents happen suddenly and give a frightening feeling. As a result, drastic property damage and severe injuries occur that affect the mental, physical and financial condition of the people. It has been reported that most car accidents happen due to the negligence of another driver and sometimes lead to disabilities or the death of the loved one.

According to the survey, it has been demonstrated that a large number of serious accidents happen every year but merely a few are reported. Maybe People go into shock and do not understand how to respond or they don’t know about their rights to claim compensation for medical expenses or property damage. 

After car accidents, it is one common practice that people don’t even wait for the police to arrive. People just run away immediately and don’t wish to hold the offenders accountable. They don’t report to the police nor do they hire a lawyer. This is an illegal act in many states. Therefore, It is the responsibility of the sufferer to report the police and hire a West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer and take action against the wrongdoers.

Why Is It Important To Report Police?

If there is just a minor collision between the cars then it’s up to you whether you report it or not. But if the accident is severe that involves injuries or property damage then it’s crucial to report it to the police within 10 days.

Indeed law varies from state to state but here are some credible reasons why you should report the car accident to the police 

  • A police report works as a significant and authentic record of the incident
  • The offender’s party sometimes makes false claims or refuses to confess that they are responsible for their action. Police records will save you from a false claim 
  • The police report gives support and strengthens your case
  • After reporting police you can easily file a lawsuit for the destruction of your property or your injuries
  • The insurance claim process becomes easier if you have filed a police report because this makes your case valid and valuable.

What Will Happen If You Won’t Report Police? 

Every state has different laws but here are some common laws that are applicable in many states like

  • If you won’t report an accident case to your local authorities, police or insurance companies then chances are you may face penalties
  • If you fail to report a car accident then you can experience county jail for at least 6 months along with a $1,000 to $5000 fine depending upon the severity of the case.
  • A driver’s license can also be cancelled. If the license is cancelled then it means a driver is not able to drive a vehicle until he gets the license back.

It’s necessary to report to the police and take the help of a lawyer. Otherwise, you can suffer more. If you won’t report to the police or file a lawsuit then the offenders won’t get a lesson nor do the people in society will learn to be extra careful while driving.

What Steps Should You Take After a Car Accident?

These are some common steps that are essential to take after car accidents.

  • Call 911 and ask the police to visit as soon as possible and notice the incident.
  • It’s the responsibility of every person who is present at the moment to cooperate with the police, even if you are in stressful circumstances.
  • If the police haven’t arrived on time then first take the pictures of car accidents for evidence and note down the details of another party including the name, address and details of the insurance company. 
  • Call your insurance company and give authentic details.
  • It’s better to take legal help and hire a West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer. Your lawyers surely know the worth of your claims and struggle to get you fair compensation.

What Do Police Officers Do At Car Accident Scene?

Police officers help the people who are injured by following ways

  • Analyze the positions of cars and determine who is at-fault
  • Take the pictures of the scene
  • Talk to the eye-witnesses and note their statements
  • Collect the details information of both the parties
  • They prepare the whole document of the report.

Must ask the police to give a copy of the police report.


Every state has provided some rules and regulations for the safety of residents and their better living. And it’s the responsibility of every resident to follow all the rules so that peace and discipline can be maintained. 

If we won’t report car accidents to the police who are our guardians or won’t hire lawyers who are our legal advisors and experts, then how can we expect to get justice? Therefore it’s essential to report to the police and hire a West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer. Surely you will get the justice that you deserve.

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