There are so many cute ways to wear a pair of mom jeans — did you know that? You can get away with wearing them as part of just about any ensemble, whether you’re dressing up or just chilling on a casual day. Plus, if you need an easy outfit for the little people in your life, a pair of ripped mom jeans are an easy solution and cuteness-on-demand is as convenient as it gets!

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Whatever your reason for wanting to wear them, whether you’re just looking to get through the day with some style or go all out with a coordinated ensemble, these ten quick and easy ways to wear ripped mom jeans are sure to have you looking great.

1. Cute Babydoll Shirt

Try a cute babydoll shirt over skinny jeans with tights. A pair of ripped mom jeans are going to make a strong statement even with a huge shirt on top, and the babydoll has just enough sex appeal to keep you looking stylish. This can be pulled off with or without shoes — or by adding a cute pair of heels for some extra height.

2. V-Neck Pullover

A V-neck pullover with a pair of ripped mom jeans is another great combination you can add to your regular wardrobe. Ideally, you want to choose a pair of jeans that aren’t too loose — so that they don’t look like slouchy sweats — and one that fits very close to the body, especially in the legs. The result will be an outfit that looks like you have a great sense of style and fashion.

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3. Oversized Shirt

What’s not to love about a massive oversized shirt with ripped mom jeans? This is one of the easiest looks to pull off, and it’s one that really has to be seen in person. It may look mismatched, but if you find the right oversized shirt — don’t go for anything too fancy or embellished — that fits well and is flattering there’s no reason why it won’t look great.

4. Chunky Cardigan

If you’re not much of a T-shirt fan, try adding a chunky cardigan over a pair of ripped mom jeans. You’ll get something that’s both comfortable and practical, so you don’t have to worry about what will look best in the long run. This is an easy way to dress up any outfit and at the same time look stylish and put together.

5. Bomber Jacket

Consider wearing a bomber jacket over your ripped mom jeans. You could go for a variety of different styles and cuts, but they don’t have to be expensive. If you find one that fits well, it’ll make a wonderful addition to any outfit.

6. Overflare Shirt

Oversized shirts are great, but they aren’t the only thing you can wear over ripped mom jeans. Add an over-flare shirt on top of your skinny jeans and you’ll get a more casual look — but still looks sophisticated.

7. Long-Sleeved Top

A long-sleeved top is another great way to cover up your ripped mom jeans, whether you’re going to an occasion or just hanging out around the house. Choose one that fits well and isn’t too exciting so that it doesn’t detract attention from the jeans. Go for a green colored shirt if you want something that’s both cute and easy to wear with your ripped jeans.

8. Colorblock Top

Just like with a long-sleeved top, a color block top over your ripped mom jeans is another great way to look cute and stay more casual. Pick out a top that’ll work with the rest of your outfit and isn’t wonderfully feminine. The result is something that looks comfortable and versatile.

9. Long-Sleeve Shirt

If you’re looking to dress up, a long-sleeved shirt over your ripped mom jeans is an easy way to do it. This may be a great option on any day, as it’ll give you some variety, but if you’d like the look to be more special and dressy, try going for one that’s more form-fitting and has a bit of color. A beautiful plaid or other patterned top is ideal for this.

10. Short-Sleeved Shirt

Don’t be afraid to add a short-sleeved shirt to your ripped mom jeans. You can also experiment with different cuts, but as long as you pick one that fits well and isn’t so liberally cut that it looks like something’s been thrown over the jeans, you’ll have a great result.


Regardless of what style you’re wearing, ripped mom jeans are an easy way to look cute and stylish. They’re great for matching up with several different tops, so you’ll want to practice wearing them with several different outfits. Which ones are your favorites?


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