Approaches to Significantly Reduce Essay Grading Time

Make use of the Russian Roulette Grading technique.

While students need a large amount of writing time in order to improve their writing abilities, they don’t always need more grading to be added to your timetable. Make students write their daily journal response within the first 10 minutes of class each day. Allow pupils to revise their submissions on Friday if required.

Use a spinner (here’s an example) to publicly choose the journal of the day, selected from those written throughout the previous week, to be graded at the conclusion of class. To make it easier for you to read and comment on the entries, have students make a note of the page in their diary that corresponds to Wednesday so that you can immediately identify it and give it a quality score if the wheel falls on Wednesday.

Without consulting the other entries, fill in the gaps with the completion point. Students are more likely to embrace this method if you let them know what to anticipate from it before the course even begins.

The earliest available time should be set out for conducting formative assessments.

Sloppy copy draughts are collected by Kymberly Fergusson “in order to avoid plagiarism and discover errors or misunderstandings early…” Students that have a basic misunderstanding of your task may be retaught the rhetorical context using SOAPSTone (Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, Subject, Tone). Grade miners are the best to write your essay.

Send an email with a Tracking Sheet attached.

For each essay that my students write, I record one or two of the most common mistakes on a yellow cardboard monitoring page, which they then attach to the paper. Colored paper is more harder to lose, and heavy cardstock is more likely to survive the semester.

A writing conference will be set up to resolve any issues that arise if a student makes the same mistake in more than one version of their work. The entire class gets a mini-lesson if a high number of pupils commit the same mistake. You can read grademiners review here.

Annotations may be marked with checkmarks.

In order to prevent any misunderstandings, place check marks in the margins instead of copy-editing your essay. Using a check mark instead of “comma splice” is simpler to write and doesn’t contribute to the sense of helplessness that some individuals feel. Instructions: Before submitting a final copy, educate students to identify the problem and remedy any errors. A Troubleshooting Guide for Writers: Strategies & Process (3rd Edition/affiliate link) by Barbara Fine Clouse is always on hand in my classroom to assist students who are struggling with their writing. There are 240 various writing methods provided by Clouse to handle common issues in higher and lower order writing.

Do not copy-edit a paper in its entirety unless you really need to.

A well-edited text overwhelms most pupils because they lack the ability to understand it. To save time and effort, I don’t mark up every word as much as I would if I were editing an early Magna Carta version of it. Once pupils have an example to follow, have them revise the rest of the paragraph.

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