Certain types of viruses can infect the human body. HPV is the most dangerous and considered an incurable infection. Previously people were not aware of the circumstances of HPV, and this infection was spread quickly, causing cancer in the body. Eistria LTD has introduced Artemisol vaginal suppositories to cure HPV and help people get an empowered immune system.

However, HPV is a contagious disease and can be transmitted sexually in humans. So, this virus penetrates the skin or mucous membrane through any injury or stretch and multiply there, leading to cause cancer.

So, it’s essential to watch for some accurate medicine that could stop the growth of the virus and provide you with a comprehensive solution to deal with such infection.

Which type of HPV can cause cervical cancer?

Studies have revealed 200 types of HPV, and 40 types can infect the skin and mucous membranes. In addition, cells in the genital area can cause genital HPV, and other types may hit the face, hand, and feet. So if we talk about genital HPV, it can be further categorized into high-risk HPV and low-risk HPV.

Now, you may get confused between these two types, but it’s a fact, and experts at Eistria LTD have proved that high-risk HPV can cause cervical cancer, and it is transmitted sexually.

Initially, the virus remains inactive, and victims may have skin warts. However, over time, warts get changed into papilloma and condyloma. If this infection remains unchecked, the virus penetrates the skin, causing the proliferation of cancer-causing cells in the cervix.

Furthermore, HPV can cause dysplasia in external genital organs of females like lips, mouth, throat, vagina, and anus. Hence, men can get penile dysplasia. Therefore, the tumor can probably develop from dysplasia in external genital organs other than the cervix.

How do people get the HPV virus?

Eistria LTD has some professional pathogens team that conducted deep research to find the fact. How and when does the HPV virus infect a person. It is believed that women at the age of 30 are at high risk of catching this disease. If someone has a strong immune system, this disease can be unnoticed, and a person can fight against such foreign bodies. But in other cases, this may spread during intimacy, and women are at high risk.

Moreover, it may spread during oral sex and cause infection in the throat and mouth. In addition, cells on akin may penetrate for rapid proliferation until get noticed. This infection may spread from blood, semen, and saliva.

Safety factor

It’s beneficial to use a condom during sex, but it’s unreliable to avoid HOV infection. Hence, a condom can’t protect the whole reproductive system. Instead, it covers a particular part, and the chances of getting an infection remain there. Thus, Eistria LTD has made a vaginal suppository to cure HPV by providing a strong immune system. Women also face vaginal infections that can be dealt with by using probiotics for BV.


One vaginal suppository comprises Curcumin extract 100mg, Artemisinin 99% 100mg, Dimethyl sulfoxide 100mg, Sweet wormwood oil 50mg, Boswelia serrata oil 200mg, Peppermint oil 50mg, Turmeric oil 100mg, Tea tree oil 100mg, St. John’s wort oil 100mg, Eucalyptus essential oil Eucalyptus polybractea cryptone 100mg.

How to use it?

You can use one or two suppositories at night before going to bed


Never use during the menstrual cycle

Over to you

Eistria LTD is a reliable company that provides organic and compressive medicines. Artemisol vaginal suppository is a highly effective medicine against the HPV virus. It will get rid of HPV within a few days and let you live a healthy, fit life.


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