One of the seasons in which most of the time you will see higher electricity bill is the season of winter. So, the cold seasons do bring higher electricity bills. If you live in the north that has harsh winters then heating your home can be more expensive compared to the cooling in the summer season. And, the other reasons for the energy bills to rise are because some people stay at home during the winter months. It is important to save the electricity in winter and lower your electric bills and also it is important to reduce the carbon footprint. Luckily, there are several ways in which you can conserve energy when the winters come. You can also link with Simply Switch and do a comparison of the energy bill savings and others to reduce the energy bill. You can make good use of comparison sites to compare home electricity prices and find the most efficient energy plan.

Doors and Windows – Weatherstrip It –

If you are finding out ways as to how to cut down the current bill in the month of winter season, then sealing out drafts is a best place to start. Heat or the hot air can be leaked out more through the doors and windows than you can imagine. So, you should install a weatherstripping around them. And, if you have a door sweeps then it helps in sealing the space between the bottom of your door and the door frames. Apart from that, the draft stoppers can provide some kind of protection from the cold too.

Latest Thermostat –

One of the hi-tech or hi-fi ways of saving current in the month of winter is by having a smart and latest thermostat. If the thermostat is a programmable one, then there will be savings and the capacity to fine tune and enhance when you run your furnace. You can also set your thermostat to turn down when you are away from the home or you are sleeping. Then later you can set it before you get up or arrive at home. This way you can reduce your electric bill in winter without the sacrificing the comfort.

Not Using Fireplace? – Close the Damper –

One of the most wonderful things that you can do during the winters is to relax in front of a warm fireplace. But it is also possible that the heat can escape from the chimney if you do not close the damper. There are ways in which you can save the current in winter by installing a more efficacious fireplace switching to gas from wood burning. You can make your fireplace more energy efficient by putting up a glass screen. It will radiate hot air from the fire and will stop the air from being vented out and pulled in.

Annual Check Up for the Heating System –

Annual check up of the heating system or the HVAC system is very essential. It will ensure that the system is ready to run efficiently and is clean completely. An early detection of the HVAC system can identify problems like non-function, or pulling extra energy, etc and can save you from the discomfort and inconvenience and breakdown during a cold winter month. The lifespan of your system will increase if regular check up is done and lower the electric bill during winter.

Open the Air Vents –

You should never block the air vents. If there are drapes or furniture that is blocking the heating vents, then it is possible that you are making your furnace work harder than what it should be working like. Air pressure in your ductwork is increased because of blocked vents that can make cracks and leaks. If the vents are open and clear then every room gets a good circulation and it works the way it is designed to work. Also, check the insulation of your home to reduce the electricity bill.


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