Can baldness be cured?

“Bald head” is a subject that many people, if encountered by them, must be more or less worried about. But most people tend to think that baldness must be a matter of men only, but the problem of hair loss. Hair thinning leading to baldness can happen to anyone, male or female. Have you ever wondered when you look left and right at various places? Most of the time, men are balder than women.

Then there are many types of balding problems as follows:

Hereditary baldness is the only problem that cannot be cured. Because it is the passing of genes through generations through genetics, this kind of problem can happen to both men and women. But it is more evident in men than women because men have more Androgen Receptors than women. As a result, the body is sensitive to the hormone DHT, quickly causing hair loss and baldness. Hair that is affected by the hormone DHT grows more slowly than usual, and the new hair that grows out will be thin and short hair that is not as strong as normal human hair. You see, this is the reason why hair falls out quickly and is the leading cause of premature baldness.

Hereditary baldness is the only thing that cannot be treated directly. Taking pills may help your hair grow. But when the drug is stopped. But don’t be shocked. If you start to know your problems and what is the cause? It should be rushed to see a doctor to fix the issue before it spreads to a wide area and can’t find a solution.

Once again, “baldness” from genetics, no matter what form, cannot be cured. Still, there is only one solution to this problem: permanent hair transplantation preliminary, whether it can be planted or not. Now, you can do your hair transplantation in hair clinic Dubai.

Permanent hair transplant, is it true?

Hair transplantation is a permanent process. Hair is real. Because it is moving the roots of your hair that can create hair usually to plant in a new place when the hair roots are forced to adapt and have passed the rest period will return to develop normal hair as usual.

Make the hair from the hair transplant. It’s a new, strong hair. Not easy to fall off, durable, and may take some time to rise about 3-4 months, but the results will stay with you forever.

The advantages of hair transplant

  • For a permanent result, the hair that grows will stay on the scalp forever. Not easy to fall and make my hair thin again.
  • repeatable If you want to make it thicker or wish to change the style of the front hairline
  • The result is beautiful and natural because the Dr. Ziakas will gradually grow the hair with one graft to get a position and the most natural direction.
  • Building confidence in those who do the problem of hair loss and thinning hair is challenging to recur.
  • It is a long-term investment; the money spent is less expensive than the results.
  • The risk is lower than in other surgeries. Because the surgical wound is small and injuries on the head can heal faster than wounds in different locations because blood is easy to feed.
  • Few side effects because the hair is grown in the patient’s hair. And do not use drugs to risk long-term side effects.
  • It can be combined with other treatments for long-lasting and permanent results.

Before finishing the article, you should know about this topic. It has been known that “baldness” can be classified into various forms other than genetic baldness, namely baldness from certain diseases that cannot be cured, such as patchy hair loss, a disease caused by autoimmune diseases. The condition cannot be cured, but it can be treated from time to time by steroid injection. This treatment cannot guarantee that the hair will not come back to fall again. This is another cause of baldness.

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