Casino Card Games that are Fun to Play and Easy to Master

Everyone seems to be playing casino games these days. There are so many different mobile apps and web-based platforms, that it no longer necessitates a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City. You can simply log on any time and play from the comfort of home.

There’s more to casinos than slot games 

New and inexperienced players tend to gravitate towards the slot games for two reasons. First, most casinos usher you in that direction with their welcome offers of free spins on certain games. Also, slot games are solitary, there’s no dealer or other players around, and those who are not entirely sure what they are doing take comfort from that.

Now slot games can be great fun, but they are only one type of casino game on offer when you are online gambling for real money. The downside to slots is that winning or losing is all about luck, there’s seldom any skill involved. That’s just one reason you should give the slot games a break occasionally and try one of these classic casino card games. Even if you’ve never played before, you can pick any one of them up in a matter of minutes.


The most popular casino game of them all, blackjack is one of those games that everyone knows how to play. Hit, stand or split a pair into two separate hands, but don’t go over 21 or it’s game over. It is well worth devoting a little time to learning basic blackjack strategy. It will improve your win rate dramatically and that can only be good news for your bankroll!

3-card poker

Inexperienced players whose only experience of poker is through watching movies like Casio Royale sometimes approach the game with trepidation. Three card poker is a great place to start. Like blackjack, it’s just your hand against the dealer’s, you are not competing against other players. As there are only three cards, there are fewer combinations to think about than with other forms of poker. When you’ve mastered three card poker, you might want to try Caribbean Stud, which follows similar rules but with a five-card hand.

Baccarat Punto Banco

Punto Banco was one of the casino world’s best kept secrets till recently. Essentially, you are witness to two hands being dealt, nominally to “player” and “banker” – all you have to do is bet on which hand will be closest to nine. It’s one of those games that is easiest to understand by giving it a try, so install an app on your phone before you try it out at the casino.

Dragon Tiger

Card games don’t get simpler than this! Dragon Tiger is essentially a simplified version of baccarat. Two cards are dealt, one to Dragon and one to Tiger. You simply bet on which you think will be higher. There are additional proposition bets you can place, too, such as whether the value of the winning card will be over or under seven.


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