Debunking Common ED Myths

ED (or erectile dysfunction) is a common condition that occurs in many men where they are unable to achieve and/or maintain an erection. Due to the nature of the condition, it is rarely discussed with the relevant professionals, leading to a high proportion of misinformation that is available online.

To help separate fact from fiction when it comes to ED, read the following Pharmica article below.

Myth 1 – ED only occurs in older man

It is commonly believed that ED is only associated with older men, which is not the case in reality. This condition can occur in any man, ranging in age from 20s to all the way to 70s and older.

This misbelief occurs from the fact that as our bodies age, we start to potentially experience more chronic and physiological changes to our bodies from wearing out. This is especially relevant considering the important lifestyle factors such as drinking, smoking, obesity and other lifestyle variables like levels of exercise and weight management. Thus, the combinations of the factors above increase the risks of ED occurring, but do not necessarily mean that the condition will only occur in older men.

Myth 2 – ED is a psychological condition

ED usually occurs due to physiological reasons such as heart health issues, blood flow issues, diabetes, obesity and a variety of other conditions. In some specific cases, psychological concerns such as stress, depression and anxiety can be the primary cause of ED, which is a rare occurrence, however.

In most cases, ED is caused by physiological factors, sometimes combined with psychological factors. Therefore, it is important to ensure that ED is discussed with a professional to ensure that the right cause of the condition is identified.

Myth 3 – ED can only be treated by a specialist

ED is a common condition that can be, however, easily treated. To do so, clinically proven, safe and effective erectile dysfunction treatments can be taken to tackle the condition.

These treatments were proven over the decades to provide quick, safe and effective solutions to ED, when and where you need it.

Myth 4 – ED can be treated by natural remedies

There are many rumours and myths surrounding the use of natural remedies for ED like taking as pomegranate juice, red ginseng and L-arginine. In reality, these claims are often lacking evidence or research while the side effects of these treatments are unknown.

Therefore, taking popular ED treatments like Viagra can prove to be a safe, clinically proven and cost-effective solution.

Myth 5 – Lifestyle alone cannot cause ED

Contrary, lifestyle does have a significant role in managing risks of ED. Common unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, not exercising and not maintaining a consistent and healthy diet often leads to increasing the risks of ED.

Therefore, adjusting lifestyle to a more healthy routine can assist with reducing the risks of ED condition ocurring.

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