Casinos typically provide a varied and interesting form of entertainment, which is not for the faint hearted. The live casino experience makes players feel entitled and part of a more well-to-do social group, where brushing shoulders with celebrities is potentially order of the day.

Online casinos, on the other hand not only provide that thrill and adrenaline rush that comes with gambling, they also make the glamorous world of the casino goers that typically brings to mind a certain niche of people and requires a certain persona, available to a much wider audience from the comfort of their own home.

The Importance of human interaction

As with everything else in life, there are pros and cons to any form of casino experience. In a live casino, players can connect with other players face to face and can enjoy the atmosphere at a 360° level. For many people, this social interaction is an important part of the casino experience. Over and above this human contact, most players also enjoy the tactile experience of feeling the cards and chips and watching the games being played live. However not everyone feeds on this human/tactile need and that is where the huge advantages of the online casino experience come into play.

Live Casino – a more professional experience

An important aspect of the live casino experience is the atmosphere in the casino. When a player is actually sitting at the blackjack or roulette table, everything feels more exciting and cannot quite compare to the online casino context. There is an air of sophistication about, a sense of belonging to an elite group that is difficult to recreate online. Although some online casinos have really made an effort to recreate an authentic environment with their live casino games, for some nothing can beat the thrill of playing face to face.

Online Casino anytime, anywhere!

Players who resort to the online experience can still take part in live games, can still immerse themselves in the casino world, and what they will lack by way of social exposure that can make up by having a better focus on the actual ‘game’ of choice.

If players want to have the real casino experience without leaving their comfort zone then they need to look no further than the many options of online casinos that offer live casino games in real-time. Yes, this actually means that players can see the croupier dealing the cards or spinning the roulette wheel right from the comfort of their own home or wherever else they choose to be. In addition, with an online casino players have at their disposal different versions of their favourite game, thus heightening the pleasure derived from playing online.

The faster pace of an Online Casino

In general, online casino games progress faster than those in physical, offline casinos. Since there is less physical and social interaction among players and between players and casino staff, the focus is more on the game itself. Whereas in a live casino environment, for example, it takes time for all the players to place their bets and be dealt cards, with an online experience the process is by default quicker because these processes are happening with all players at the same time.

More choice more fun!

A huge advantage of the online casino, which can never be paralleled in a real-life casino is the variety of games on offer. Many online casinos offer dozens of different types of blackjack or roulette for players to choose from. This means players can find the perfect game, can trial several games, can experiment further and can really opt for the experience that gives them the best return in terms of pleasure and gain. In addition, players can also view statistics online to see how likely they are to win and compare odds between games.


While a visit to a casino is a fun and exciting experience, there are many more advantages to the online live casino experience. The latter offers more advantages from both a selection and focus perspective. Therefore, if you want to be more in control and increase your odds then go no further than an online casino.


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