Earn money by playing on social gambling apps

A new raising trend on virtual gambling is getting attention from the gambler community. Unlike online casinos which are a complete platform offering different type of games, now you can just download a poker app or a slotxo app in your mobile device, such a cell phone or a tablet, and enjoy time playing without getting logged in into an online casino web site.

Since social gambling apps are not considered gamble games, they are legally available globally for players who enjoy combining social media with earning money games.

But how can you actually earn money through social gambling apps?

Payment apps

Even though legislation establishes that players of gambling-like games cannot deposit money into the game, there is a new payment app that allows you to do so. In fact, many people are starting to gamble with Cash App, a new development that allows to easily send and receive money instantly and anytime. 

Cash App was created in 2013 by Block, In. as an application for easily transferring money through mobile devices. 

Even though Cash App is a relatively new development, it has rapidly been accepted in the e-wallet market, mainly used for peer-to-peer money transfer. 

Aside from peer-to-peer transactions, in 2018 the application added the option to buy and sell cryptocurrency instantly, even though until now it only supports Bitcoins. By incorporating this functionality, the app started to gain popularity among crypto users.

There are now many websites that take Cash App, since it has been proven to be safe and very user friendly. Also, there are many online casinos that accepts Cash App as a deposit and withdrawal method. 

Cash app gambling is gaining popularity among players who enjoy the easiness of depositing and collecting money from their mobile devices.

Getting started using Cash App

If your are new to the e-wallet world, here your will find some instructions to start using Cash App and getting ready to gamble through it.

As it can be deducted by its name, Cash App is an application that must be downloaded into your mobile device in order to start using it. So, the first thing you will need to do is to visit the app store of your mobile and look for it. 

Once the download is done, you will be asked to create an account and, after doing so, to verify it by going through some steps. Even though this can sound annoying, is for your own safety, so just be patient and perform all the steps requested. 

As soon as verification is done, you need to link that account to your debit account or bank account, in order to be able to perform peer-to-peer transactions or to use the crypto wallet.

After account is created and linked to your account, you will be able to buy crypto just by clicking on the “buy” button located at the navigation menu. A verification process will start in order to enable crypto deposit and withdrawals. 

With all those steps performed, you will get a wallet address through which you will manage all your online operations.

Gambling with Cash App

As we mentioned before, the more popular online casinos accept Bitcoin, so through your Cash App crypto wallet you will be able to fund almost any online casino you wish to play in.

Just by selecting Bitcoin as a payment method you will get the casino’s wallet address or, in some cases, a QR code to scan. With any of those options, you can fund your casino account through Cash App avoiding any delays.

Collecting winnings through Cash Apps

Withdrawing money is one of the most debated topics online. The main reason is that, while depositing money is an easy and rapid thing to do, collecting winnings seems to be a much more tedious process. So, there are many complains on online forums about how tricky withdrawal policy can be.

Also, withdrawal related issues are the main reason why many gamblers prefer to fund their online casino accounts through Cash App, since using its crypto wallet there are no differences between depositing and withdrawal processes.

In order to withdrawal using Cash App you will have to select Bitcoin as the withdrawal method and identify yourself just by introducing your Cash App Address and type the amount of money you wish to cash out at that time. Just after doing that, the money will be visible in your Cash App crypto wallet and you will be able to exchange it by dollars or keep it as Bitcoins.

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