Everest Climbing and Expedition:

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world and its current height is 29,029 feet (8,848 meters). It is also one of the most famous mountains in the world that attracts a lot of visitors every year. Most of these visitors only reach the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek and go back. But some of them decide to go up the mountain for climbing. As of 2019, only 5,294 people have successfully summited the Mount Everest Climb and on average there are 600 attempts per year to summit the tallest mountain in the world.

How to climb Everest?

Summitclimb offers, two expeditions each year: April-May (spring) OR August-Sept-Oct (Autumn) happen each year. Each climb of Mount Everest is guided by experienced leaders from UK and USA. You need to be physically fit, and healthy. It starts with you booking your trip to Nepal, where this mountain is located. You will have to pay the local authorities to get a permit to climb Mount Everest. After getting your paperwork done, you will have to go to the Mount Everest base camp. Your real expedition of summiting this mountain will start from there. It has multiple treks, and your guides will advise you about which trek is better at this time of the year.

After the selection of an appropriate trek, you will start the preparations for climbing. Gather supplies, medicines, and anything that you need. You will have to pack everything and take it by yourself, or your porters will help you in carrying it during your summit. Sherpas are the mountain climb guides that will help you during this expedition. There are 18 routes, but south col and north col are the two most popular routes that you can take while climbing. Your Sherpas will guide you through the further process of climbing. Manaslu is fairly difficult compared to Mount Everest.

Everest cost:

If you are planning on climbing Everest one day, you need adequate amount of money. This is because Nepalese government has placed high charges for Everest expedition cost or Everest climbing cost. These charges are then used for the local development projects in Everest area. The cost seems to be expensive because each expedition is different from the other and most of the time cost depends on the circumstances. Climbing Permits alone cost more for a single expedition.

Here is a list of the costs of Summit Climb

Spring Full Service Cost: $38,450, £30,550, €33,850; Basic Climb: $19,450, £15,450, €17,050. / Autumn Full Service Cost: $58,450, £42,150, €49,000; Basic Climb; $38,450, £27,700, €32,250

Is Everest Expedition so expensive?

There are a lot of reasons for Mount Everest climbing being moderately expensive. For example, the climbers pose a real threat to the local environment and ecosystem of that area. That is why the Nepalese government charges a lot of money to anyone who wants to climb to compensate the people in that area. Apart from that, you will have to buy a lot of expensive climbing gear. You do not want to save money on shopping for this type of expedition because it is a deadly climb and the only thing protecting you will be your mountain climbing gear.

Apart from that, you will also have to pay to your local guides, tourism companies, airline tickets, and more. But it is all worth it if you are successful at the end of the day.

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