Features of an effective Gifola Visitor management system

In today’s security-conscious organizations, allowing visitors into the building, monitoring them, and tracking them is a critical duty. Front desk employees and security officers in the majority of firms today rely on paper-based systems that are unreliable, incorrect, and wasteful. Using a Visitor Management System, businesses may expedite the check-in process for guests. Using visitor tracking software, companies may gather and readily remember accurate real-time data on present and pending permitted guests, as well as track visitor information to assist in the monitoring of employees and visitors

The Most Effective Visitor Management Software

Spectra provides you with the most effective Visitor Management System software available. Many features, benefits, and advantages are available with this complete VMS for any medium or enormous company, such as corporates, schools, and hospitals, among others. India’s Best Visitor Management Software (VMS) system has a dual interface that includes Client-Server Application and web browser compatibility, resulting in better security.

Benefits of Gifola Visitor Management Software

  • Architecture based on client/server technology with web client support
  • With the aid of Spectra, installation and deployment are simple.
  • Stunning user interface and user experience, featuring a user-friendly GUI and entry panels.
  • It works in conjunction with Spectra’s Access Control Software.
  • Gifola pass includes the visitor’s picture, credentials, and the ability to print.
  • All industrial sectors – corporate offices, schools, industrial facilities, banks, and so on – may benefit from this product.
  • You can effortlessly configure your pass, terminals, and access privileges with blocklist management.
  • Scheduling appointments and generating reports.
  • Visitors should only be allowed to enter specified areas of your facility.
  • Before the appointment, send an email or SMS to the guests.
  • Format for visitor passes the user may customize that.
  • Visitors’ arrival, leave and should track mobility.

Who uses visitor Management Software?

Anyone who works in a business that has visitors, such as clients or customers or patients or parents or other family members, for example, might benefit from using a visitor management system. Following are a few famous examples of how to do so:

  • Hospitals and clinics are a kind of healthcare facility.
  • Visitor pass or gate pass management software enables healthcare professionals to regulate visitor admission points, assemble patients’ relatives, and monitor building security all from one place. It places restrictions on the admission of unapproved persons into critical locations.
  • Visitor Management Software also allows hospitals to allow, monitor, and record access for workers, consultant physicians, maintenance people, and other visitors to their facilities.

Institution of higher learning: Gifola visitor management system in educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, and other educational institutions, enables administrators to restrict and monitor the entry of parents and other visitors into offices and classrooms. It is an essential component of the security system at schools and universities. A computerized record of all visitors who access the premises is very significant from the perspective of the students’ safety.

Organizations under the control of the government: Government organizations utilize visitor management system software to distinguish between visitors and staff while in their facilities. It successfully controls the flow of individuals at a government office and provides them with the appropriate permission. In addition, it informs or notifies the relevant staff of any meeting with the visitor that has taken place. It also offers a solution for controlling access to restricted regions and safeguarding sensitive data.

Attractions such as amusement parks, museums, and monuments: Visitors Management Software is used in public locations to keep track of all of the people who have entered or departed the premises at a particular moment. To avoid intrusion or things from getting out of hand, they must keep track of the number of persons present on the grounds and the length of time each visitor spends there with the ePark system. In addition, the reports keep track of how much money.

Components of a Visitor Management System

  • Centralized database:

As indicated before, the visitor management system includes a centralized database that maintains all visitor data. It’s simple to use (for you) and consists of a search option that enables you to look up past visitor information.

  • Tracking of Visitors:

The programme follows a visitor’s movement from the minute they submit their information into the system until they depart the premises. The system keeps track of details like entrance and leaves times, visit length, purpose, etc.

  • Generation of Identification Cards:

The programme may produce unique tags for visitor ID cards for convenient tracking. It can print name badges for guests, making it easier to navigate the facility and meet the appropriate individuals. This programme may also create customized badges for key visitors or event participants. The programme generates badges containing QR codes, barcodes, and other distinguishing markers.

  • Self-Check-In for Visitors:

Visitors may register themselves using a smartphone or tablet at self-service kiosks utilizing VMS. The programme will then assign tags, produce IDs, streamline the process while reducing front-desk bother, and add company logos and symbols to the VMS.

  • Pre-Registration:

This module is included with specific VMS systems and sends emails to visitors before a planned visit. Date, time, parking information, directions, map location, person to meet, and other relevant information are included in these emails to assist guests in getting to their meetings on time.

  • Support for several languages:

Because not every guest will be fluent in English, visitor management software should handle several languages. Visitors may register themselves using their preferred language by adding vernacular choices to self-service registration kiosks.

  • Management of Contractors:

Many workers come to your workplace regularly to accomplish various tasks briefly. These include construction workers, maintenance specialists, plumbers, electricians, mail carriers, technicians, etc. Such visitors may have temporary badges and IDs, and their information can be using visitor management software. The programme retrieves data from the server and generates an ID on future visits, saving visitors time during registration.

  • Employee Monitoring:

Ginbox visitor management system software may also serve as an attendance manager by monitoring your workers’ movement in and out of the workplace.

  • Management of Documents:

The document management tool enables you to keep track of critical visitor papers in a database. The software’s memory may keep digital copies of their identities. IT is an essential element to have for legal and regulatory concerns.

  • Screening of Visitors:

Depending on the VMS, you may check visitors against local and federal watch lists. Schools, child care facilities, and daycares, for example, may use this software to screen visitors and determine whether they are registered sexual offenders.


There is a choice between a web-based visitor management system and a standalone one that runs in a window. In addition to streamlining appointment scheduling and giving users better control over their site, the Visitor Identification Software is also simple to configure following user preferences and requirements.

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