Five best antiviruses for pc gamers in 2022

In this digital era, a cyberattack is a severe thing, and they are spreading at an increasing rate. Constant pop-ups, phishing emails, malware waiting to enter your PC through suspicious websites, all these factors are the primary reason that the system needs extra protection. Just like our PCs, our gaming accounts also hold personal credentials today, which is why we need to save our gaming PCs from malware and other viruses. You would never know when a virus enters your PC through gaming activities.

Antivirus software for your PC gaming can save you from malware and hackers. They do it silently by performing in the background and leave a negligible impact on our gaming experience.

Here we have lined up a few antiviruses that are suitable for PC gamers in the year 2022;

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BullGuard is one of the preferable antivirus software, and it provides security from all kinds of malware. It also has an incredible game booster that enhances memory usage and redirects the applications running in the background, and this leads to improved game performance.

Most gamers also prefer it because of its ability to scan and notify any suspicious activity automatically; it provides gamers with their personalized game profiles and offers several tune-up tools.


People prefer software that does their job without affecting the PC performance or being too involved in their daily activities. The thing that makes Bitdefender unique is that it adopts Autopilot mode as soon as it is installed. This Autopilot feature takes all decisions related to security as per the user’s usage patterns, which saves you countless notifications and alerts.

However, the control remains with you if you want. Moreover, just like other antivirus programs, its pricing strategy is designed on the basis of the number of years that you wish to have coverage for, be it five or ten devices.

However, this particular software doesn’t come with a game booster but has a malware engine that is cloud-based, which is a plus point for PC gamers. Bitdefender also comes with antivirus protection that is lightweight and won’t reduce the speed of your gaming PC.


Avira, popularly known as Avira Free Security, is safe antivirus software that is cloud-based and has a simple, hassle-free game mode. It is the only software on our list that provides gaming mode in its free version.

Avira is a good choice for users as it comes with features like VPN with a monthly limit of 500 MB, shopping extension, password manager, secure browsing, and tools related to system tune-up.

However, users should see Avira Prime also. It has a unique game booster, comes with a VPN that has unlimited data, and a multi-device coverage from approximately $59.99 per year.


Malwarebytes is antivirus software that offers an advanced level of anti-malware security, optional VPN at a reasonable price, and improved web protection. However, it doesn’t offer features like parental controls, a game booster, and a firewall. But for users who want an antivirus program that doesn’t eat up huge CPU space, then Malwarebytes is suitable for them.


Norton, also known as Norton 360 exclusively for gamers, is famous for being one of the top anti-malware engines available in the market. It also offers parental controls that allow parents to monitor the kid’s usage and even set limits on PCs or particular apps.

Through Norton 2-360, you can also restrict content that is sensitive and keep your children safe. Norton 360 is the best choice for gamers who wish to keep their PCs and other devices safe without affecting CPU performance.

Kaspersky Anti-virus

Kaspersky is an expert in blocking and identifying malware that barely affects system performance. It comes with a game mode that operates automatically, a great anti-malware scanner, and a range of internet security tools.

It also offers additional features like banking protection, online shopping, a VPN of around 200 MB/ day, a password manager, and tools related to PC clean-up. Kaspersky is a good choice for users to protect their Windows PCs and is priced for around $29.99/ year. In contrast, the gamers who want to protect all their devices should opt for its Internet Security Version.

These are some of the best antivirus software suitable for your gaming experience in 2022. But, it is essential to remember that the best antivirus is responsible for securing your gaming PC without distorting the gaming sessions. The one you plan to opt for must be light on your system load to not compromise performance.

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