This article will help you choose the best Fondmart supplier. We will discuss the safety and legitimacy of this online store, its Trustpilot rating, and the product richness of its selection. After-sales risk is also discussed. However, we will not discuss the scams that fondmart is associated with. For more information, read our full review. We have provided a quick guide to the most important questions to ask before buying from Fondmart.


Despite its reputation as an online trading platform, FondMart does not have the best track record when it comes to customer service. While this is true of any other online retailer, it is important to take the time to review the FondMart reviews to ensure that the company you’re doing business with has a high level of quality control. It is also important to select verified manufacturers with a proven track record, such as Fondmart. The Chinese company offers access to 5K verified manufacturers and more than 200K apparel products. Customers have reported issues with improperly uploaded pictures or artificially low prices.


Fundmart has been a leading online non-commercial apparel B2B platform for over 10 years. Their large selection of clothing and size apparel allows them to offer customized, wholesale options to small and midsized businesses. The website features bulk clothing and streamlines 1000 new arrivals every day. Additionally, it offers drop shipping and no minimum order requirements. With more than 50,000 wholesalers using Fondmart, it is a trusted site that provides a wide range of clothing and accessories.

The service provided by the company is second to none. They partner with over 40 global carriers for low-cost, fast delivery to over 195 countries. Despite their global reach, they are still a small player, but they have been able to provide service to over 20K global merchandisers, including some of the world’s most popular overseas clothing brands. With their service and products, their prices are competitive, and they handle every aspect of production and shipping.

Product richness

If you are looking for a way to make your buying experience more efficient and productive, product richness at FondMart is a must. The site relies on 5,000 designers and suppliers to offer more than 200,000 products and 500 new ones are added every half month. A powerful data analysis team helps buyers make better product choices, so they can keep working efficiently. The website also suggests 200 new products every half month based on data analysis of buyers’ preferences.

The platform is equipped with one-stop services for drop shippers, retailers, and activewear wholesale. Since its establishment in 2020, the company has gathered vast experience and knowledge in the vestiaries industry. Its team comprises professional purchasers, introducers, and product and IT outfits. Furthermore, the company has the advantage of a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) for international trade. This makes it easier for fresh overseas traders to profit from the low price of goods and increase their profitability.

After-sales risk

One major difference between the online and offline platforms is how the after-sales risk is taken care of. The difference lies in the fact that the after-sales risk of FondMart is taken care of personally by the founder of the platform. This gives FondMart a strong incentive to closely examine suppliers and promote transactions. The commission model, on the other hand, significantly reduces the motivation to closely examine transaction risks. As the first platform to conduct quality inspections on suppliers’ products, FondMart takes after-sales risk into its own hands. In case of a claim from a buyer, the platform will re-examine all aspects of the transaction to determine whether the quality is up to scratch.


In addition to its extensive collection of merchandise, FondMart also provides private-label services to small businesses. Its global platform covers over 200,000 items. However, the website’s shipping time is long, and the shipping costs are high. This may make it unattractive to some drop shipping companies.


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