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1. Stay Away From Electronics Before Going to Sleep

First off, in order to receive a good night’s rest, you need to stay away from electronics before bedtime, especially given how you may have been using electronics and technology throughout the day. When you are in bed in a dark space, your eyes will be hit with high levels of blue light before you sleep. The artificial lighting emanating from your electronic gadgets will result in an incapability to sleep and make it hard for you to sleep, possibly even causing insomnia. There’s no denying the value of electronic usage, however, before going to sleep, you need to avoid using them and let your eyes relax.

2. Use Breathing Exercises

If you have difficulty dozing off or wake up frequently at night making you not get the requisite amount of sleep, you can try doing breathing exercises. In fact, doing breathing exercises is a type of meditation that assists your brain to let loose and can really assist you to unwind. Take in deep breaths for four seconds, then hold the air in for another seven seconds before exhaling. Do the exhalation for eight seconds, ensuring you do the exhalation sound. Repeat this exercise a couple of times in order to get into a true state of relaxation.

Breathing exercises can assist train your body and mind to get adequate sleep and assist you to feel relaxed.

3. Get Things Off Your Mind

This may be contradictory, but if at some point at night you find that sleep has suddenly eluded you, just wake up and do something that takes your mind off sleeping. You can try doing an activity with your hands but it should be something that isn’t overexerting, but it should be an engaging activity at the same time. You can lay in bed and run through the events of the day looking at your best and worst moments, and take time to appreciate everything that has occurred. Journaling, particularly the Move Forward Journal, can be very sedative and tranquil as well. This will configure your mind to think that the bed is a place for sleeping rather than a place for performing activities. This will also assist your circadian rhythm.

4. Do Not Look at the Clock

Another tip you can use to better your sleep at night is not looking at the clock to check what time it is. In most cases, people fail to sleep or experience difficulty entering a deep state of sleep as a result of overwhelming stress or anxiety. If you continue staring at the clock as you struggle to find sleep and it is getting even later, it will only make you anxious. Worrying about the time will only make falling asleep more difficult as you think about the remaining time you have to sleep and the time you’re hoping you will have dozed off.

5. Sleep in the Best Position

Some people fail to get a good night’s rest because of the position they are sleeping in.  This depends on whether you sleep on your stomach, side, or back, though there are advantages to every sleep style. Find the best mattresses at Mattress Firm. Some persons even attempt to sleep at a particular firmness or slight incline, which is where an adjustable bed comes into play. Begin by searching for the best adjustable bed that fits your sleeping requirements and can provide you with the correct incline and comfort for your sleep position. This will assist you to fall asleep quickly.

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