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Indulge me for a moment. Do you remember being a kid? Do you remember the first time your dad took you to a sporting event? For me, it was a baseball game. Do you remember what it was like walking up to the stadium? The electricity in the air? That gorgeous feeling of excitement as you entered. You feel the rumble of 20,000 people cheering all around you. Even as a kid you begin somehow to understand the momentousness of such an event. The enormity of the fact that this one particular thing. This silly game we play. Has brought all of these people together. After that night though. For you. The game wasn’t silly anymore. It became your life! Your passion! You eat, breathe, and sleep baseball. You think about it from the second you wake up to the second you go to sleep. It has infected every atom of your being in a way that for lack of a better term is just profound.

Now let’s fast forward a couple of years. You’re in your mid 30’s, you still love the game but something is different. You’ve seen more than 10,000 games in your life. And you still love every minute of it, but there’s something that has changed. The game just isn’t as novel anymore. Well, that’s where sports betting comes in. Putting a little wager on your game is a great way to add a dash of spice to the proceedings. You see when you watch someone with passion and drive play the sport they love. It’s hard not to feel that it’s infectious. Of course, you would want to transfer some of that energy into something more tangible for yourself. Sports betting is an amazing way to do that. As it allows you to come away from the game with something more than just feeling great. Now some of my readers may be wondering. “Well, that’s all well and good, but where do I start?” Well, my number one first piece of advice is to start with BigAL. This is a website that gives great advice when it comes to matchups, and who you should favor. They are especially great when giving directions on your picks. For our newer readers. A pick is essentially what happens when two teams are on equal enough footing, that making a call on who will win is almost impossible. This is incredibly handy for new betters, as it takes a long time to get the feel necessary to make picks by yourself. 

Now a new question arises. “I have some ideas about how to observe a team’s performance, but ultimately I’m unsure of exactly what to look for?” Don’t worry that’s easy! First things first, you want to pick a team and get to know them. And when I say know them, I mean intimately. Learning all of the ins and outs of their playbook as well as the history and the context of their decision-making is a major step in your ability to anticipate a game. Say you’re in the middle of a tight pick. Now you’re a fan of team A, but you know historically they just don’t have the defense to keep team B from scoring. Well, now you know that a bet in favor of team A is fairly risky. It might be better to just skip this game and take bi-week. One of the most important things to keep in mind when betting as well. Knowing when not to bet can be even more important than the betting itself. There’s a reason retreating is considered a tactic! Keeping a cool head and recognizing these moments is what creates a successful better. 

Another tactic, that I employ regularly; is to watch out for any team that is gaining a ton of momentum. Sports can be a little weird, and more than that they can be a little superstitious. That being said there is some strange truth to the axiom that winning begets winning, and there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a little piece of that pie. 

It’s always important to remember too that betting on a sport is not the sport itself. You’re not betraying anyone if you decide to bet on the opposing team or a matchup of a different game. If you’re looking to win, you’ve gotta be willing to expand your horizons. And compartmentalizing those two aspects of your love of sports is an important distinction to make. 

The world of Sports betting is an interesting and challenging place to dip your toes into. But with some advice from the expert and a hardy bit of dedication. There is no doubt in my mind that you will come away from this experience with something grand! And if you ever get stuck and feel like you want someone to make the pick for you. Don’t forget about Big Al to get advice from the best!

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