A good number of people are found to be fascinated with Bangalore as it is presently the most happening and vibrant city in the country. It boasts of having tall buildings, amazing night life, tasty foods from all parts of the country, lots of IT jobs and educational institutions. This is what compels students, job seekers, budding and experienced entrepreneurs to move to this city. 


If you have no known person in the city, then you have to look for your accommodation. Being a costly city, you need to identify a rental home that suits your needs and budget perfectly. But if the selection is not proper, then you are likely to have a miserable time and not be able to focus in your work or studies, thus hampering your career. 

The reason is because first-time renters generally tend to overlook a few vital details. After a month of moving in the new rental home, you may be shocked to discover that your neighbour loves to play some musical instrument at odd hours of the day. It could even be that your phone signal is weak due to the thick plastered wall. All these will only increase your worry and cause trouble requiring you to look for another place. 

Tips to identify a desirable rental apartment

Following the given below tips will assure you of finding a flat and flatmates in bangalore, thus reducing your expenses significantly. It will also ensure being the perfect fit something where you can stay in peace and relaxed for a long time. 

The Lease Agreement

  • Security Deposit: Generally, rental homes in Bangalore require a specified amount as security deposit that will be refunded on the end of the tenure or as you move out. Also find out if there is charged any move-in fees. Larger apartment buildings and houses limit hours and days by which new residents may move into their premises. It is to limit causing disruption to fellow residents. 
  • Are lease terms offered flexible? A few of them might offer options like 6/12 month leases. 
  • Is utilities part of the rental apartment?
  • Is there charged any broker fee? Getting to know them in advance can ensure looking for a rental place where you can avoid paying such fees. 
  • Is the rental apartment or house rent controlled?

Amenities offered

  • Is there available off-street parking facility for your two or four-wheeler? If so, what are the charges? Another option offered is On-street parking. It can be an affordable choice. Find out if there is a need to invest in resident parking sticker or register your vehicle. 
  • Get to know the existing cell phone reception quality. Test your phone’s signal when inside the apartment to ensure it functions fully. 
  • Are there offered onsite laundry services or any present nearby? If washing machines are present, check out their condition and if they are functional or not. What type of system is used, coins or card system?
  • Does the apartment come with extra storage? Some buildings might charge a small fee for storage, if the storage space or closet is small.
  • Are there appliances in the kitchen like a refrigerator, stove, dishwasher or a garbage disposal? Are they functional and in good condition?
  • Is there air conditioning in the rental apartment? If not, then are you allowed to install one and what are the operation costs?
  • Can you keep pets if you love to have one? If yes, is there anyone in the building or nearby who can keep it during your absence? Do you have to pay any fees or other charges to keep pets?
  • You should consider measuring the doorways and rooms using a tape measure before finalizing the deal. 


  • Find out the kind of residents the rental apartments have. Are there working people, retired people, college students or a mixture?
  • If some work is to be done urgently, get to know how quickly the landlord or staffs respond.
  • It will be a great idea to visit the place in the evening hours to get a hang and feel of it. This is generally the time when most residents can be expected to be at home. Find out the noise level.
  • In case the ad states ‘walk-up’, then no elevators are present in the rental home. It can be of great concern especially if you own several oversized furniture or have to move a lot. 

The Neighbourhood

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  • Find out if there are other facilities nearby such as medical shops, grocery stores, market, restaurants, gyms, cafes, bars, discos, parks, etc. 
  • Does it have easy access to different types of public transportation? It will be wise to check the distance by walking yourself from the apartment to the nearest bus stop or metro. 

Do make sure that you get likeminded flatmates in bangalore to provide you with good company. Asking such questions will ensure finding the most suitable rental apartment in this beautiful city.

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