Health Budget 2020

The Health budget is a vital element of a balanced national budget. The government’s goal is to increase the quality of life for all citizens, so it should be allocated to health care. However, the funding for health services has been decreasing for several years, and the decline in GDP has made health spending a bigger part of the overall economy in 2020 than in previous years. The U.S. government has pledged to allocate more money to NTDs.

The health budget also includes funding for mental healthcare, expanding access to mental health care, improving healthcare for American Indians and Alaskans, and tackling racial disparities. Although the budget does not include new CMS initiatives, it does include an increased number of appropriations for preventive care. The government will also increase pre-pandemic compliance activities for Medicare/Medicaid-certified providers. And, the health budget includes funds for strike force teams and QIOs.

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While the budget allocation is a critical component of the nation’s overall health, it has been consistently low for years. Its current level is below the optimum of 2.5 per cent of GDP. In addition, the state’s health budgets have been significantly higher than the national average, and the Ministry of AYUSH’s budget has risen by 28 per cent. This is a good sign for the public health sector. It is a necessary part of the budget, but it has not met the criterion for a healthy country.

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