How Can A Locksmith Fix A Stuck Door Latch

Locksmith problems are not only about losing your keys or having them break inside the lock, this structure has different types of structures inside it that can easily get damaged and make our day a living hell. Among those little things, there is the latch. A small object that can bring us serious problems if we don’t take care of them when we should with a little maintenance web series review.

Did you know that this could be damaged? Now that you live it maybe yes, but, how to solve it? The best thing to do is always to have a specialist in the locksmith area, but it is still important to know what are the common problems and how these professionals will solve them. Which today we will explain in detail, are you ready? Let’s start

When the latch doesn’t work:

The latch may not work for a myriad of reasons, being much more common the fact of misuse, bumps or pulls it may have gotten from frustration or accidents, as well as constant use without maintenance, so it is probably misaligned. Although we cannot make a personal assessment due to our lack of experience, the professional depending on what has happened will use one of these techniques: 

He will take a special tool and adjust the door frame piece, where the latch pin goes through, to prevent constant slippage. He will tighten the necessary screws or in case the damage is through a heavy blow, he will most likely fix the latch in a new position.

In case the damage comes from poor maintenance, he will use special products to grease the parts well and bring them back to normal. In case the parts are already too old and rusty, there is a possibility that everything will have to be replaced. In this case, you will be notified in advance in order to proceed.

When the latch is jammed:

The locksmith will check the condition of the hinges of the door by carefully lifting the door to see if it fits with the pin, if it is stuck it is very likely that when trying to fit the pin it is still long and the misalignment of the door is noticed, therefore, the mechanism will be ineffective and the jammed latch will have to be leveled and removed.

If the hinges are aligned and this is not the problem, the specialist will lubricate the latch with a spray of graphite powder, so that the parts are well greased and function normally.

These are the most common problems, but there are many more to identify and each has its solution. Never underestimate the knowledge of a locksmith, he is probably one of the specialists that will help you to give more security to your home at affordable prices and reinforcing the things you already have at home.

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