How much does summer school cost?

Many students choose to spend the months of July and August at summer school, either in the UK or abroad. There are many summer schools all over the world, in Europe and further afield in America, Canada or even China.

Courses vary from recreational programmes like football and horse-riding to more academic subjects, including business, economics and science.

If you’re thinking about enrolling on a summer school course, you might be wondering about whether you can afford the tuition fees, the price of living, including accommodation costs, and – if you’re considering studying abroad – flights.

We’ll take a look at some example summer school courses in the UK and abroad, and work out what you can expect to pay for each one.

How much does summer school cost?

Summer school fees vary depending on where you study, whether you’re entitled to a discounted rate, the length of the course and whether there are any scholarships available.

Generally speaking, summer schools in countries with a higher cost of living, like Switzerland or Japan, are more expensive to study in than countries such as Thailand or Ecuador, but the cheapest way to study is online.

Read on to find out more about what you can expect to pay to enrol on a summer school course.

What do summer school fees cover?

Example of a UK summer school course

Oxford and Cambridge are renowned for providing students with the best education in the world. So, if you’re looking for a summer school that will look impressive on your university application, and want a taster of undergraduate life in one of these prestigious universities, then Oxford Royale Academy is one provider that offers all that.

Summer programmes take place in some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, including the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and Uppingham School and courses cover everything, from art, English and marketing to engineering, law and science. For students looking to get an Ivy League university experience, there is also the option to attend a summer programme at Yale University.

Course Fee
Courses for ages 13-18 £2,995 – £5,495
English as a foreign language £2,995 – £8,195
Courses for ages 8-12 £1,495 – £7,995
Courses for ages 19+ £5,495
General English for the Modern World and Workplace £2,995 – £5,595

The fee includes:

  • Classes and tuition
  • Study aids
  • Guest lectures
  • Reports and certificates
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Wi-Fi
  • Blog updates for parents and family
  • A selection of afternoon and evening activities
  • Excursions and field trips
  • Welcome and graduation events
  • Extras like an Oxford Royale notebook and branded clothing

Example of an international summer school course

If you’re the adventurous type, you might want to study further afield – in Switzerland, for example.

The University of Geneva offers a wide range of summer courses, in subjects such as Children Rights, Diversity, Global Health, Humanitarian Action, Intellectual Property Law and International Law.

Who’s enrolling Fee
Professionals CHF 1,000-2,500 (approx. £806-2,015)
External students CHF 750-2,500 (approx. £604-2,015)
University of Geneva students CHF 200-950 (approx. £161-766)

Note that an administrative fee of CHF 100 (approx. £80) is included in the tuition fee, which won’t be reimbursed if you cancel your course.

Tuition fees don’t include accommodation, travel costs or any other personal expenses.

Example of an online summer school course

If you’re on a budget, an online course might be better because you don’t have to pay for transport, food or accommodation costs.

The University of London offers an online Academic Summer School, with students being able to choose from a variety of intensive courses, such as ‘Sustainable Finance and Climate Change’, ‘The Middle East in Global Politics’ and ‘Media and Gender: Representations, Subjectivities and Power’.

Course Fee
All courses £1,600

Note that a one-off, non-refundable £40 application fee will be charged in addition to the course fee.

The fee includes:

  • Live tutorials
  • Recorded lectures
  • Group discussions
  • Online resources

Can I get help with summer school fees?

Some summer schools will offer scholarships for students from disadvantaged backgrounds or those who are exceptionally talented in certain subject areas.

You may also be eligible for financial aid, like bursaries, which could reduce your summer school fees by up to 100 per cent.

It’s also worth checking whether your summer school offers discounts for early enrolments or money off for studying two or more courses with them.

Previous or existing students at the institution may also be entitled to a discount.

What are the benefits of going to summer school?

Many students choose to attend summer school, either online or in-person, mainly for academic reasons. It may be that they want to brush up on subjects they are struggling with, or they might need the extra credits for university applications.

But if you choose to attend summer school in person, some of the other, non-academic, benefits are:

  • Living away from home encourages you to learn life skills
  • You’ll make new friends and develop your social skills
  • You can immerse yourself in a whole new culture
  • You have the opportunity to learn a foreign language – either as a full-time course or alongside your other studies


There are many summer schools all over the world, covering a variety of subjects, from recreational programmes like football and horse-riding to more academic subjects, including business, economics and science.

Generally speaking, summer schools in countries with a higher cost of living are more expensive to study in, but the cheapest way to study is online.

When deciding on where and how you want to study, you’ll need to consider the tuition fee, the price of living and accommodation and travel costs to find out what you can afford.

Some summer schools charge up to £8,000 for a course, but you should bear in mind that this will usually cover your tuition fees, accommodation, food and excursions.

Online courses cost much less, but you won’t get some of the other benefits of attending summer school in person. These include learning valuable life skills, making new friends and developing your social skills, discovering a new culture and learning a foreign language.

Summer school fees vary depending on where you study, what discounts you might be entitled to, the length of the course and whether the summer school offers scholarships.

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