How to create a green screen background in Adobe Photoshop

As written in this article, green screen backgrounds can be created using green fabric and green paint. Here’s something similar: green curtains. I found it on a Google Image Search, but the photo credits say “green screen “. So these curtains might not be green enough for professional movie making… But they’d work for creating a website like an example one given in the article (or any other kind of low-budget or DIY webpage). You could also use green paper or green construction paper, but that might end up looking too artificial. On the other hand acetate sheets (used for overhead projectors) look real enough (and are available in green), but are too transparent. And green fabric would look better than green paper – since it has a nice texture which could be used to create shadow effects with Adobe Photoshop later on.

Here’s what green curtains look like, in case you don’t have green ones at home:

How to make green paint

Making green paint is actually very easy. Simply mix blue and yellow paint together. If you want it to be darker, add more blue, for lighter use more yellow! Experimenting will teach you the ratios that work best for your project, whether it’s making green wall paints, green screen backgrounds or something else entirely. You can also use green poster paints if you prefer – remove the lid and it around to get all of the green paint out.

You can also make green paint with green fabric – simply dip it into blue or yellow paint. Make sure the fabric absorbs the color properly, and then hang it up to dry in a place where no one will knock anything over on it (like a green screen background rack).

How to use green screen backgrounds

To create green screen backgrounds for websites and other multimedia productions: just take photos of green walls and floors and edit them using Adobe Photoshop so that only the wall/floor remains visible and everything else turns green. You can also buy green cloth or curtains at Amazon, but they’re not cheap … The best way might be to start looking around your own house for any pieces of green clothing you could cut up… Then tell us, how green was your green screen background?

How green is my green screen background?

The green color in green screen backgrounds and green screen fabrics is the standard color used for this purpose. It works fine with most video projectors or screens that create a green background when you go into production mode, but there are also some other ways to make green projections that might work better (or equally well). If you can’t find any green cloth at home, paint your wall green. Use blue and yellow paint to get the right shade of green – experiment until you get what’s best for your purposes. However, since paint colors vary from batch to batch it’s safest to buy green fabric or green clothes and cut out pieces of the desired size and shape… Green curtains would probably work just fine.


What is green screen technology?

Green screen technology refers to green screens (or green backgrounds) used in front of which you can film actors with green foregrounds and green backgrounds. The green color is picked because it doesn’t appear on most home television sets, so the green background will turn into a pure black one when projected at home or streamed online (if that’s your audience). Since green is easy to spot when looking for the green screen background in an image, it is usually chosen as the best color to use. However, there are other ways to make professional-looking movie projections using different colors instead of green – like magenta or yellow.


Green screen backgrounds are green for a reason, but you could experiment with other colors if your green screen does not work so well in practice – or if you want to save some money on green paint… The perfect shade of green might vary from one green screen background or green screen fabric to another. If you’re unable to find the right color at home, buying green curtain cloths/clothes would probably be the cheapest way out. However, painting your wall green should also do fine (and it’s easy!). Just make sure no one can knock anything over onto it while you’re filming!

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