How To Do Better On Instagram

Looking for organic and potential traffic to boost your business? Instagram will cater to this need of yours. Instagram has millions of users housed on the platform. This helps you reach out to a wide number of users in a single stance. For a business this is a great platform, many boot strap businesses have taken plight from this platform alone. Not only has Instagram grown over the years but it has also helped many others grow along with it. Though the platform does provide you with a huge opportunity, many users and brands still do not scale on the platform, the reason being they do not know how to? In order to grow on Instagram you need to have a clear strategy and customer oriented approach. This article helps you confer ways to grow and reach out better on Instagram to help take your business to new heights.

  1.     Focus on partnerships that are beneficial: Flying solo on real instagram likes for cheap is a hard task, and why would you when you get to enough crazy amounts of business and sales through partnerships. You could be having the best product in the market, but what matters more is that it should reach out to the maximum audience. People are quite hesitant when they buy any product or service online until they know it is genuine and good. Social media influencers enjoy a crazy following today. People treat them like any other celebrity for their talent and trust them immensely. Whenever such an influencer tags you, gives you a shout out or promotes your products and services it creates brand awareness. People tend to trust your product because now they have a reference, this helps enhance your traffic and sales. These partnerships with popular brands, influencers can be both paid and unpaid if you send them your products and ask them to review it.
  2.     Create customer-oriented content: Users are more interested in content and products that benefit them. Hence whenever you post content make sure it is customer centered. Draft reels and posts explaining the benefits of the product in a fun and unique way. Make sure you add an interesting element to your product and stories. StoriesIG can help you in finding interesting elements of the product. You can even workout this with the popular on-going trends.
  3.     Use call-to-action: Call-to-action are buttons that help you link your website, email, whatsapp and much more for people to reach you directly. Whenever you post some content make sure you add in CTA buttons that directs users to your website where they can buy your products directly. Engagement on Instagram can be enhanced through these CTA buttons as well.
  4.     Conduct give-aways: Give-aways have attracted users more than anything. Add stories and posts with an announcement of a contest which if people win they would get a hamper of personalized products as a gift. Ask them to follow you in order to participate in the contest. This hack helps you gain potential customers and even more followers. You can even ask them to tag you in posts which helps you reach out better.

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