How to enter in the NFT world

Non-Fungible Token (NFT), one of the most talked about topics recently, has started a very exciting and experiential process in terms of both crypto money, finance and art. A value that directly affects different disciplines and sectors has emerged with NFT all over the world. NFT refers to digital artifacts called ‘Unique Digital Assets’ stored in the blockchain infrastructure.

Idea of digital items as an NFT

The idea of ​​having digital items available on the Internet for free, instead of having them for free, confused people at first, but this situation has now reached a point that no one can imagine. You can promote NFT business on TikTok and YouTube. These two are the biggest video platforms currently. Most of the NFT developers mention that short videos work like a charm. The attention span of the internet user is decreased on average. We see that people already make up their mind to buy something in less than 10 seconds. So, you should create a TikTok plan. For instance, buy TikTok followers for the brand account. Then you should focus on creating high quality videos synchronized with the trends. That’s a magical plan for you.

When the necessary conditions are met, everything can be NFT. It would not be correct to limit NFTs to only video, photo and artwork. So much so that NFTs also offer great opportunities for brands. World-renowned fashion and cosmetics brands selling tangible products are stepping into this digital world by starting to NFT their products.

At the same time, collectibles are starting to go digital. People can now buy NFT collections from artists they love, and the concept of ownership is changing with it around the world.

According to figures from data analytics & surveys at the beginning of 2022, NFT trading volume was $17 billion, while in the first quarter of the year, this figure reached $54 billion. We’re talking about a 220 percent increase. The momentum will continue with the steps that different sectors will take to this world.

Universities are already interested in this topic

There is a huge interest in cryptocurrencies in the USA and EU. NFT has also started to enter people’s lives as an idea and its popularity is increasing. The digital work of a famous cartoonist. NFT works of USA & EU and world-famous names began to be exhibited in art galleries. In addition, it is included in the university curricula and is given as a course in schools.

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