How to make your long distance move safer in the US

Long distance moves are fun; a perfect opportunity to know the countryside and bond with your fellow travellers while moving the household. However, they are also risky and stressful considering you are moving a container full of your valuables on the road.

While other aspects of moving can be complicated, driving on the road has all risks and troubles. From unexpected weather changes to poor road conditions as well as lack of driving, knowledge can wreak havoc on your perfect long distance move plans.

The best out of state moving companies at Moving Apt, who are always on road transporting goods and people, have a lot to share about road safety and preparedness for a perfect long distance move experience. So, before you hit the roads and start your expedition, it is important that you go through these road safety tips and have the best long distance move experience.

Check your vehicle

The first thing you must do when undergoing a long distance move is a thorough check of your vehicle. Even if you are using truck hire, checking the vehicle is important to avoid risks. Some important components to check include tires, brakes, seatbelts, wiper blades, defroster, fluids, and the engine. Pack some important supplies such as a first-aid kit, flashlight, blanket, radio, a spare tire as well as a map.

Know the roads:

There is a lot to learn about the roads in the USA. While the government has done its best to make roads safer for commuters some certain highways and routes are considered riskier than others. Having a sound knowledge of these roads is important if you are planning to travel on them.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shares a lot of data on road accidents and safety and based on this data here are a few highways in the USA that are considered dangerous :

  • US-93, Arizona
  • SR-9, Oklahoma
  • US-160, Colorado
  • I-5, California
  • I-10, Texas
  • I-20, Texas
  • I-80, Iowa
  • I-10, Florida
  • I-95, Florida
  • I-10, Mississippi

From road rage to poor driving conditions and drunk driving people, several factors make these highways a tough route to navigate through. If you are planning to travel on any of them, make sure you are alert and prepared. It’s best to have a day trip on these highways and make a successful long distance move than drive in the dark.

Know the mountains

If you are moving on a mountainous route, it is best to learn how to drive on rough terrain before you start. Certain rules make driving in the mountains easier and safer. These rules include:

  • Using brakes instead of driving in a lower gear when going downhill is a bad practice. You must drive slowly in lower gear as it offers you better control over the vehicle.
  • Similarly, when riding uphill, use lower gears and maintain a steady speed.
  • Drive on your side. This will keep you safe on blind turns.
  • Ensure the right gas levels as there are lesser gas stations in the mountains.
  • Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and let vehicles pass only when the roads are broader enough.
  • Do not overtake a vehicle on a curve.
  • Have important supplies with you to combat the sudden change in weather like snowfall.

Make sure your long distance move to a hill station is safe by understanding these rules well.

Be prepared to drive in wet conditions

You might face unexpected weather changes during a long distance move. If it rains, you must know how to handle your vehicle. Roads in America can get slippery if it rains heavily. Wet conditions make it tough to control the vehicle. When it rains, along with driving slowly you must:

  • Follow the speed limits religiously
  • Avoid standing water as it can be deeper than it appears
  • Use high beams to fight the fog and turn on your parking lights
  • Do not pullover in dense fog areas
  • Maintain a steady speed and don’t pull the brakes suddenly

Learn the traffic laws by state

Different states have their own traffic rules and if you are crossing them, you need to learn them to avoid accidents as well as tickets. From seatbelts to cell phone usage and helmets and more, there are different laws for all aspects of driving in different states of America. You must go through the driving laws by state and ensure you follow them during your trip.

Do not involve in road rage

One of the biggest causes of highway accidents in America is road rage. It is easy to get involved with someone who wrongly overtook your vehicle or is driving in the wrong lane. But things can take an ugly turn and you may end up in an accident or even worse a bad fight involving guns or other weapons. Try to avoid road rage at all costs. You can do so by avoiding offending anyone, maintaining a cool attitude, ignoring bad-mouthed drivers, and following the traffic rules.

A long distance move can be a lot of fun on the roads if you are prepared right and know where and how to drive. We hope these tips help you have a fun and safe long distance move to America.

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