Let’s start by explaining what it is. Baccarat is a table game for which the French deck is required. The foundation is none other than to reach or get as close to 9 points with the hand obtained. For this reason, and for pitting the player against the bank, it is so similar to blackjack. Here the protagonists are the croupier and the one who places the bet.

Despite this similarity, baccarat is not as popular as “blackjack”, especially in Latin American countries. In fact, it became more widely known when the famous Ian Fleming included it in his writings on James Bond. In many episodes, the famous character was shown making casino bets, as this was his favorite game. It was thanks to this that many people, attracted to gambling, wanted to experiment with this option.

Now, knowing what your objective is, we can explain how to play baccarat or “point and bank”. The player or players face off at a table with the dealer, and begin the game by determining the dealer’s bet. On the mat they will come across three boxes, corresponding to the three possible bets: tie, bank and player. As soon as the amount of the bet is determined and one of the options is selected, the game begins.

The dealer must remove four cards from the shoe or “sabot”, where the already shuffled decks of cards are located. He proceeds to deal two to the player and two to himself, one at a time. Whoever gets 9 points or the closest value will be the winner.

Types of bets allowed in baccarat

tie in baccarat

The bet is based on the fact that the player and the banker will obtain the same result. It is the best paid (8:1), however, it is not recommended. The chances of getting it are very low, and in the end the losses are usually higher.

player in baccarat

Of course, they are the most common. The user plays in favor of his own hand, and is paid out in a 1:1 ratio.

banking in baccarat

If the player wishes, he can also choose to make moves in favor of the bank. Since the house always has a percentage advantage, this is usually the most common result. For the same reason, casinos take 5% of the profit from the player. The profit is less, but the probability of winning it is greater.

What are the advantages of playing baccarat online?

Among the various casino games, few offer as many advantages as baccarat. The truth is that there are even greater chances that we will get money than with other options of the same style. Many reputable online casinos such as Online Casino Canada offer baccarat. These are the most important benefits:

– Baccarat is one of the easiest to understand in terms of its rules.

– The strategies that can be applied in baccarat are a little less numerous. Therefore, the user can define the moves to be made more easily.

– The bets allowed in baccarat are more varied. Unlike other casino games, in baccarat you can even bet on the bank.

– Baccarat is an excellent alternative for those who want to put their skills as stake lovers into practice. Once you have control of it, it is easier to try other options.

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