Jhandi Munda is a popular gambling game played in India. The game is played using a set of dice and betting on the outcome of the roll. The roll of the dice is used to move the six sticks called jaundice. The objective of the game is to race the sticks based on the rolls and to be the first to bring them to the end of the board. 

The game is fun to play and simple enough to learn so that anyone can start playing it almost right away. There are versions you can play for tokens and ones you can play for money. 

The Goal of the Game

The goal of Jhandi Munda is to be the first player that has reached the end of the board based on the results of the dice roll you’ve made before. It’s a simple enough goal and the game can be played by players of all ages. In fact, it’s considered to be clean family fun in most homes in India.

In these cases, the game isn’t played for money at all, but it can be arranged to do so, as is the case in many casinos. 

How is the Game Set Up?

The game board is made out of six sticks that are moved based on the results of the roll. The sticks are placed in the cross formation and the board is made out of squares with four rows and four columns. The dice have 6 sides and numbers from one to six. 

Each player gets the same pieces and the same dice and they take a turn in rolling them until one of the players wins by reaching the end of the board.

How is the Game Played?

At the beginning of the game, each player places their stick on one of the corners of the board. The player starts by rolling the dice and moving the pieces on the board based on the number they’ve got. If a player gets a six they can move the stick six pieces or they can add another one to the board. 

The winner is the player that has moved all of their sticks to the end of the board. It’s also possible to win by having more jhandi on the board at the end. 

Apps and Online Games

Online gambling and gaming are very popular in India. The population is very tech savvy and they have access to the internet and online versions of popular games are widely played. This is the case with Jhnadi Munda as well. The game is available on websites and in the form of an app.

You can play online and compete against other players or you can play against the AI. The results of the dice roll will be determined by a random number generator and you can’t guess what the next outcome will be. 

Follow the Other Player

The best strategy you can have when playing Jhnadi Munda is to try and stop the other players from reaching the end of the board. This is done by placing your Jhandi so that they are in the way of the opponent’s Jhandi. It’s simple enough, but it requires you to be mindful of how the other players are setting their game up.

It’s important that you’re mindful and focused on how the other players are doing throughout the game. If you’re playing against actual players, you can also notice patterns in how they move and respond to it. 

Stick to the Middle of the Board

A good way to have control of the board and therefore of the game itself is to stick to the middle of it as much as you can. This will give you plenty of options when it comes to where you can make your next move. 

Other players will try to block and corner your Jhandi so that you have limited ways of reaching the end. You should keep in mind that it’s a game of strategy and even if you can’t control the result of the dice roll, you can control where you move the Jhandi.

Be Patient 

In many respects, Jhnadi Munda is the game of patience. You should wait until you get a roll that will help you get as many Jhandi on the board. It’s also a good idea to use as much of your time for blocking. It’s best to work one roll at a time and not to rush towards moving your sticks closer to the end. 

Sometimes, you’ll need to take risks, and those risks may end up winning you the game, but they are not the only move you have at your disposal. In most cases, waiting for the right move will mean more. 

To Sum Up

Jhandi Munda is a popular and well-liked dice game that is played all around India. It’s a simple enough game where the roll of the dice determines how you can move a stick across the board. The two players are rolling the dice with the goal of reaching the other side first. 

At this point, the game can be played with real boards, on online sites, and by using apps. The key part of the strategy used to win is to try and anticipate the moves of your opponents and to stop them from reaching the goal.



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