How to Prepare Your Dog for Fire Safety?

Being a parent of pets, we never want ourselves in a situation where our family members are in danger. It’s better to plan just in case some sort of situation occurs because many pets are affected by house fires each year. We all know that fire scares everyone but below are a few steps that can help you to prepare in advance for an emergency fire station:

Take basic safety precautions

Smoke detectors play a vital role in safety provision. But in order to maintain such devices, we need to change the batteries quite often. You should often change the batteries twice a year for your pet’s safety, and keep in mind that you should have multiple smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors at your home.

Another way of ensuring the safety of pets while they are at home alone is to purchase a monitor smoke detector. It helps inform the fire department if a fire catches your house while you are away.

Protect your pets when you are away

In case of fire breaks out in your house, you will definitely try to save your dogs, but what if you are not at your house and your dog is alone in it. Before leaving the house, you can keep your dog near the exit so that whenever fire catches your house, it can escape from there. You can also install an underground dog fence so that whenever your dog gets too close, it will prevent him from crossing the same. If you need to put up a fence in your property, you can visit

Plan your escape route

You’re obviously aware of all the exits of your house, but your dog should be aware of these exits too. When others are focusing on escaping that particular firehouse, one member of that family should take charge of your dog in order to evacuate. You should also know your dog’s hideaway spots because that is the most trustable place of your dog in case of the fire house. You can also practice fire drills, and it is important to include your dog as well in that particular session.

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Line Up a Place to Stay

If your house catches fire, it would be totally uninhabitable for some period of time. Until that period of time, you can keep your dog in your neighbor’s house or a family member or even a close friend. Your dog will find a safer place to stay there till the time you’re back in your house.

Emergency Care Tips

In case if your dog catches fire or suffers an injury, you should take him to the emergency veterinarian as soon as possible. However, it would be very helpful if you are aware of some basic pet first aid in an emergency situation.

It’s always a good idea to keep access to pet first aid kits at home. There are some basic instruments that you can keep handy with you, such as alcohol wipes, gauze pads, ice packs etc. And last but not the least; you should always keep your pets away from fire.

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