How to Reach the NY Department of Education by Phone

You can reach the Department of Education by phone at three different locations throughout the city. Among the many locations, you can also contact a sexual harassment prevention liaison and a Respect for All Liaison. The DOE also provides access to its NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) web application. The system allows parents to view their child’s academic and biographic information, enrollment history, schedules, and more. You can also set up notifications through this service. The DOE also provides other useful information, such as admissions and emergency notifications.

Those with disabilities may also want to call the NY Department of Education, which is a great resource. Their phone representatives can answer questions and help resolve concerns about special education. In addition, they can direct students to the Transitional Care Assistance Center (TCAC) to receive trainings, workshops, and other opportunities that will prepare them for adult life. The NYCDOE phone number can help parents and students get the services they need.

If you are a parent or student of a student with special needs, you can contact the New York Department of Education by calling its phone number. The New York City Department of Education talk English by skype phone number is easy to locate, so you’ll know exactly where to contact them to find the information you need. A helpful resource for parents, educators, and students is the NYCDOE’s Special Education Hotline. When you call, they’ll be happy to help you.

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