How to Use LinkedIn for the Best Results

Ok, so you’ve set up your LinkedIn account and went through the trouble of optimizing your profile, uploading your resume, and so on. And for some reason, there are no hiring opportunities coming your way, nor any recruiters viewing your profile.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of handy tips on how to optimize the LinkedIn experience so that your frustrations and needs won’t be unmet. Sometimes a little tweak might just be the solution, and the simplest things can be overlooked. 

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Moving on, here are some tips and tricks: 

1. Use Keywords Strategically 

By using the right keywords, applicants can increase their chances of being connected to the right people. They can do this by:

  • Copy-pasting keywords they see on job posting descriptions and using them. We suggest that you only use keywords that actually apply to you.
  • Searching up industry-relevant keywords for your LinkedIn, and using the ones in trend. 

Keywords can help a user show up in recruiters’ searches for potential candidates, and they can also easily connect a user to a job posting that fits their interests. 

2. Don’t Be Scared To Post/Reshare

Gain followers and like-minded people by engaging with the posts on your feed. This means resharing posts, liking them, commenting on them, and making your own posts. For those who want to attract more followers and gain more connections, we advise that they post at least 3 times a week.

This isn’t beneficial for everybody, but folks who are in copywriting, marketing, social media, or are trying to push their brand out there will gain a lot from this initiative. So, don’t wait any longer. To take it to the next level, schedule your posts. 

3. Get The Best Job Postings 

Some job openings can have tons of applicants applying for them. We advise our readers to avoid those postings since the number of competitors will stifle your way to the top. However, if it’s a job that truly calls out for you, we encourage the leap. 

How do users successfully filter out their search to get the job postings that are worth applying to? Follow these steps:

  • When searching for a job, type in “Actively Recruiting” along with the job title. For example, Copywriting “Actively Recruiting”. 
  • Type in “Early Applicant” with the job title. Example: Sales Associate “Early Applicant”.

Remember, it’s better to apply for a position right away instead of saving it for later. The first applicants usually have a better chance of being noticed by recruiters. 

4. Hide Competitors 

The ‘People Also Viewed’ section that’s on your profile might be practical but it also lets recruiters or anyone else see competitors. Users who typically have the same job position as you. This section is typically seen on the right side of the webpage. 

If you don’t want recruiters to see professionals who have the same job title as you, follow these steps:

  • Click on the ‘Me’ button in the top right corner. Then click on the arrow down button to view the options.
  • Click Settings & Privacy.
  • Set ‘Viewers of this profile also viewed’ to ‘No’.

And voila. 

5. Take Advantage of Premium

Every new user on LinkedIn gets a chance to try the premium feature for a month before they get billed. Simply cancel the subscription before the next billing date and benefit from using LinkedIn premium. Some features that come with premium include: 

  • Getting to see everyone who’s viewed your profile
  • Appearing at the top when applying for any job. 
  • Watch a plethora of LinkedIn learning courses. 
  • Sending InMails.

There are many more advantages to consider, but those are some of the main ones. 

6. Write More Than a Job Title 

For applicants who are desperate to attract recruiters to hire them, remember this: list more than just a job title on your profile headline. A headline is supposed to pack a punch, it’s not only a title. Brand yourself right and you’ll turn the tables from a drought to a storm of hiring opportunities.

Applicants can use the profile headline to grab hiring managers’ attention and coax them into reading more of your profile. Your profile serves to make them interested after all. Here are some examples: 

  • Weak impact: Accountant 
  • Strong impact: Experienced Account of 5+ years with industry knowledge in…
  • Weak impact: Public Speaker
  • Strong impact: International Author and Public Speaker, TED Host…

And of course, our readers don’t have to be overqualified to make their headlines stronger. Simply try to be more creative and include any relevant titles that might add color to the job title. But try to keep it realistic. Fraudulent titles can set you up for trouble in the long run. 

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn has a lot of loopholes, hacks, and tricks for optimization. And while there might be a lot to consider, by following the tips we’ve given in this article, our readers are already setting themselves up for a much better experience on the website. You can find info about jobhero here and they will help you with LinkedIn.They’re easy to follow as well, so we don’t expect you to have too much trouble. We hope this article has helped shed some light on this topic.

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