YouTube is becoming more and more popular regularly among businesses and users. While people are looking for new ways of entertainment and education, the platform provides it all in one spot. Moreover, it has also become a good way of business promotion and marketing. So companies also heavily focus on creating engaging YouTube video content to drive customers and improve business growth. 

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But how can you write a good YouTube video script? This guide will show the basic steps for creating the perfect script for your videos. 

Three steps to writing a YouTube video script

Without a good script, your video will have no goal, no mission, and most probably won’t bring the desired results. The most important elements of creating a YouTube video include location description, dialogues, background music, etc. Here’s how you can get started with the script. 

1. Brainstorm new ideas

Gathering fresh ideas nowadays is hard because it seems like everyone has already made a video on the topic you’ve found. However, if you get together with your employees or even friends, you can actually come up with something new. After all, good online research can only be a great addition to your YouTube video script. 

Take your time to think of different ideas and scenarios, potential locations, and other elements that go into your script. Write down all these ideas which you can later filter. In the meantime, make sure these ideas resonate with your goals with the YouTube video as well as your target audience. This is the only way to make them successful and effective. Moreover, it will allow your audience to take a YouTube note more easily and bring more engagement.

2. Determine the main story

Once you’ve defined the main ideas in your script, it’s time to come up with the basic story for your video. How does it start? How does the plot evolve? What’s the ending? Answering questions like these will improve your video by making it more detail-oriented and precise for your audience

This step also includes defining the main points in your video. These could be about a certain event, specific advice you have to give, or maybe some products you will be speaking about. Separate them along with your video to make it look as natural as possible. As the final result, it will make your YouTube video flow better and more smoothly. 

3. Use CTAs and examples

To avoid creating monotonous and repetitive videos that are boring for your audience, you can use the help of CTAs and examples. First, call-to-actions will make your videos more comprehensible and your audience will know what their next step is instead of being confused. Whether you want your audience to use the real estate chatbot  you’ve created or watch the next video, it’s important to let them know what’s next. Use words such as “Comment and Share,” “Check out this product,” and similar. 

Another great way to improve your YouTube video script is through examples. While they can enrich your video content, examples will also be beneficial for users. Especially if you’re making educational content about a complex topic, examples are the only way to help your audience learn and implement their new knowledge. So, don’t skip this step. 


Creating effective and engaging YouTube videos is hard without a good script because it makes everything more precise and ready to go. By following the tips in this guide you can begin with good video content and make it better over time. 


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