Is Student Housing Worth It?

One of the other major decisions you need to make when going to campus is your accommodation. You will need to find housing that suits your needs and helps you be the best student you can be. This begs the question; Is student housing worth it? What are the benefits? We will look at these questions in depth below.

1. Time

Most people will start living by themselves or away from their family home when they go off-campus. This means you will be exposed to many more responsibilities since you will be on your own. Your main area of focus needs to be time management because it sets the tone for your day and even affects your studies. Whether on or off-campus, student housing developers have time in mind when making these accommodation facilities. The off-campus units are usually at a convenient distance where the students can walk to get to campus. For instance, the student apartments in Carrollton, GA, are strategically positioned to ensure you will always be on time for your classes.

2. Cost

It is no secret that apartments and other housing options to accommodate students are cheaper than regular apartments. The rooms are fitted with all the necessary furnishing that you will need to be comfortable at no extra cost to you. There is more interest in student housing from investors, landlords, and developers, making most of these houses cheaper and a better option for you. In most cases finding an ideal student housing option will be far more affordable than staying at the dorm.

3. Noise and Distractions

Campus life can be hectic, and it is very easy to get carried away by the exciting new opportunities and campus culture. There is bound to be one party in one of the dorms, which can be pretty distracting, especially for a new student. You may find that the constant movement of your new friends and classmates in and out of your dorm is making it hard to concentrate on your studies. This is where student housing comes to the rescue because you will be far removed from all the on-campus living distractions. There are fewer parties in comparison to student housing facilities. Getting student apartments will inevitably make you a better student and give you ample time to concentrate on your studies.

4. Exposure and Experience

There are many similarities between living in your family home and living in a dorm. The most common likeness is that in both living situations, you are still sheltered and under a supervising authorities eye. As much as you are living on your own, there are still rules that you must abide by. Student housings allow you to be more independent, and this way, you get more exposure to life issues. When you are living in a student apartment, you get to fix minor problems such as a leaking sink, changing a flickering light bulb, taking care of trash, and other responsibilities. This exposure gives you experience dealing with issues that are pertinent to real-life, which comes in handy when you complete your studies and get employed. Landlords are also more inclined to rent apartments to graduates who have previously lived in student housing than those from the dorm. Landlords see the former student as more responsible and less likely to cause damage to their property than the latter.

5. Privacy and Hygiene

The most common complaint people hear about living in a dorm is sharing amenities. The biggest culprit that seems to rub every student the wrong way is the bathroom. These bathrooms are, in most cases, not the cleanest and thus pose hygiene and even health issues. If the washroom is further away from your dorm room, you will have to walk in your robe or towel to and fro, which can infringe on your privacy. Student housings offer you the luxury of privacy, and since you live alone or with one other roommate, you can clean the bathroom and keep it as hygienic as you prefer. The peace of mind you get from a bathroom that you can use at any time without the fear of getting an infection is worth investing in.

You can make an informed decision on the viability of student housing based on the information given above. Do your research to figure out which accommodation fits your new lifestyle and needs so that you reap the most benefits from it.

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