Is the BJK University Course Really Free?

In a recent webinar, Bashar al-Amara revealed his strategy for building a successful Amazon business. He told the audience that his method is based on introducing as many products as possible and focusing on scale. This is pretty common sense, but BJK University tries to deceive us by making the training seem free in infoseek. Sadly, we found it to be more of the same. However, we’ve managed to get our hands on a free download.

The BJK University course is available for purchase online. It’s priced at $3800, which is reasonable, but the company doesn’t reveal the cost or the timeframe. However, if you are looking for a free download, there’s a catch. The BJK University sales page is never updated with the price of the course in wordmagazine. Instead, you’ll find a link to a tutorial on Bashar’s YouTube channel.

BJK University focuses on how to sell on Amazon. It shows you how to stand out from other sellers and how to sell products for more than you paid. It also teaches you how to earn more from multiple products, thereby spreading risk. You won’t get rich relying on one single product in go90. It’s much better to sell products in a variety of categories. By spreading your risks, you can maximize your profit.

Bashar J. Katou, the founder of BJK University, is known for his online presence. His personal Instagram account has over a million followers, while his BJK University account has hundreds of thousands of subscribers in surfbook. Bashar J. Katou’s social media presence is also impressive. He had a restaurant in Iraq that burned down, and then tried to make money with Amazon FBA. BJK University pitches itself as a free training course and webinar. But, is it really free? There are no guarantees. If you want to make money with Amazon FBA, you need to invest in the right training.

While you could learn how to sell on Amazon for free, you’ll still be spending hundreds of dollars on training and learning. This means that BJK University isn’t free, but it’s far better than nothing. Despite its apparent free download, you should be prepared to spend at least $9,000 to make money in itsmyblog. After all, it’s an online business, so why not learn from a successful online businessman?

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