This article will discuss tips for finding waterfront condos in Singapore. This content is meant to help individuals moving to Singapore find the best place they can afford. Looking for a Singaporean home? There’s not much of a selection out there when it comes to waterfront condos because most buildings are developed near land and most people live on the ground floor itself. If you want that view, you need to bring your own apartment up higher or just move closer to the shoreline by buying an affordable water deck.

Factors to Consider for a good waterfront condo

There are several factors that you need to consider when you’re buying a waterfront condo

1. Does the condo offer a scenic view of the waterfront?

A waterfront condo in Singapore is a property that has access to water with a direct view from your apartment. When you’re choosing a condo, you want to get as close to this kind of location as possible. To find waterfront condos in Singapore, search for properties that are situated near their respective shorelines. Also, look for buildings that offer panoramic views of the sea or river so you can enjoy those beautiful sights throughout your stay.

2. Location

Location is the key when buying a condo that’s by the water. The most affordable condos are situated along the eastern coast in Tampines, Bedok, Changi, and East Coast. If you want something a little more expensive, go for areas along the north shore such as Punggol and Sentosa Cove. Although areas along the northern shores are a little more expensive, waterfront condos are usually more spacious and comfortable for you.

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3. Price range

If you’re planning to buy a waterfront condo in Singapore with an approximate price of $2M, there’s a big chance that the condo will be situated on reclaimed land by the sea. This uniqueness attracts many people because they want their homes situated by the ocean, but they don’t want to spend too much money. If you’re looking for a property that is situated by the sea and won’t break the bank, this is what you should look for: a condo along the shoreline, with an approximate price of less than $2M. There are many waterfront condos in Singapore that fit this price range, so be sure to look around.

4. The whole package

When choosing your waterfront condo in Singapore, don’t just look at the location, price, and view of your preferred apartment. Make certain that your home will be fully furnished right at the time you move in, that’s one of the most important factors of all.

5. Street view

Do you want a waterfront condo that’s situated on a quiet street, with some trees and close by restaurants? Or do you prefer living near some bustling roads and parks? Generally speaking, the quieter areas are usually situated on the eastern coast while more crowded areas are located on the northern shoreline.


In conclusion, this article will help you find the perfect waterfront condo in Singapore. There are many waterfront properties that are located near the water, so don’t have to worry too much when looking for the condo of your dreams. Use these tips when searching for a waterfront condo and you will surely find one that is affordable and well worth it.


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