List of Slot Machines That Really Give You a Win

Even though the land-based slots are making gamers addicted to gaming, we can’t forget about the excitement and the fun that comes when online gaming gets mentioned. The land-based casinos have got exciting things that make the gamers keep visiting them.

When you walk into any casino in Canada, you will find fantastic slot machines with games that will offer you the best bonuses you are looking for. Additionally, the online casinos also top the list of best slot game providers.

We linked up with one of our experts Conrad Brennan (view his profile) to share with you some of the profitable slot machines to consider when you visit your favorite casino next time. The following is a list of top slot machines that will give you a win:

Buffalo (Aristocrat)

Buffalo is among the top slot titles that will offer you a chance to win amazing rewards. It has got 1024 pay lines. If you are looking forward to winning money fast, playing this slot will be an ideal step for you.

The bonuses you will get in the game will allow you to make the most from it. Perusing through no deposit bonus sites in Canada will allow you to try the Buffalo slot for free. When playing the slot, you will have a chance to land a mega multiplier of about X27.

If you are lucky to land on the multiplier, you shall have gotten the most from the slot machine that day.


If you visit your favorite casinos, make sure you check out for Cleopatra, as it will allow you to win up to 10000 times your stake. It’s a favorite game for most gamers in Canada and worldwide. It’s also available in most casinos and has a favorable pay rate.

It has an RTP of about 95.02%. You will also get free spins when playing it up to around 180. IGT prides itself on developing a game that has about 20 pay lines and three rows.

If you want to play the game and feel that you don’t have much to wager, don’t worry since the minimum in this slot game is only $1. If you are playing it, you will realize that you have 15 different symbols. But don’t get confused by that, as you only need to prioritize four of them.


It’s among the profitable slots that combine the reefs with amazing music to create an exciting casino gaming atmosphere for you. You will find the Goldfish casino game app in the play store. The best aspect about it is its compatibility with various operating systems.

The game is responsible for the spawning schools of ocean-themed slots online. Its return to the player is also one of the best as it is 96%, thus promising huge player returns.

The highest jackpot you will earn playing it is $1050000. It’s also mobile-friendly as you can play it on any mobile device provided they have the common operating systems.

Book of Dead

With an RTP of 96.21%, this is an interesting game that you will find in most Canadian casinos. It’s a five-reel game that offers free spins to the players, maximizing their chances of winning huge.

With 10 pay lines and 3 rows, you can be sure to get the most from the game. You will earn about $250,000 as of the highest percentage. It does not require you to have high stakes to get started.

You may wonder what it takes to win at the Book of Dead. The first thing you must know is that it’s not a sophisticated game as many would think. But just like any other slot game, you will have to apply better strategies to get the best.

When you want to win jackpots by playing the game, you must understand that there is no secret to winning. Also, make sure you utilize the bonuses effectively, as they will allow you to recover your losses.

As you can see from the above slot machines that give money, there are unlimited opportunities in the slot gaming arena just for you, and they are no different from what you can find in gambling movies. It will primarily depend on the slot you select and the casino site you are playing on.

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