Earlier men wore formal suits only for special occasions. Today many fashionable men wear suits to work, while traveling, or for dinner dates. Fashion gurus advocate suits in a big way as they feel that suits are elegant, stylish, and classy additions to a contemporary man’s wardrobe. It is a well-known fact that hats and suits are made for each other. The right hat can take your sophisticated and well-groomed look to the peaks of style and fashion. If you are looking for an extra touch of style for accessorizing your favorite suit, we are here to discuss some of the trendiest and hottest hat styles to match some of the basic formal suits. Get set for taking your style quotient a few notches higher and fashion to the next level.

According to the men’s fashion advice from Man of Many, suit trends are dynamic and keep changing with time. Moreover, different occasions or events call for different suit types. There is a broad spectrum of suit designs, styles, and types. You cannot adopt a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to wearing suits. Men have different personalities and bodies. Moreover, men are bound to change mentally and physically throughout their lifetime. So, different suit styles will complement different people. You may match your suit with your changing moods. Let us, first of all, explore some men’s basic suit styles and a wardrobe essential for all fashionable and well-groomed men. Then, we will recommend different hat styles that complement your formal attire.

Slim Fit Suit: Slim-fit suits are form-fitting and stylish suit styles that are narrow at the waist and chest. However, they do not hug your body so tight to constrict blood supply. Fit men with athletic builds should opt for slim-fit suits for the ultimate look. These suits are best for accentuating the natural contours of your body. The perfect hat will complete the look.

Classic Fit Suit: Busy men with hectic schedules and are running short of time to consider the nitty-gritty. Classic-fit suits are their safest option. They are best for comfort and style. This suit promotes breathability without making the suit look too unkempt or loose. Classic fit suits are best for wearing to work from Monday through Friday. Classic suits will always be in vogue. You have the liberty of wearing just the classic-fit jacket with chinos for the ultimate casual weekend look. A matching accessory like a hat can boost your fashion quotient. You can also buy a necktie from High Cotton to pair with your suit.

Modern Fit Suit: If you wish to demonstrate a sharp and elevated sartorial sensibility, you should consider wearing the smart modern-fit suit. This suit allows a body-hugging appearance but with enough breathing space for comfort. If you buy the perfect fabrics and wear the right accessories, you can look dashing and confident for all occasions. Modern fit suits are created for conquering all types of outings, from dressy to casual! Add the right hat and see the difference.

Double-Breasted Suits: A double-breasted suit has extra buttons on both sides of the jacket to boost aesthetic appeal. There are around four to eight buttons, but usually, these suits have six buttons. It helps create an illusion. It makes you look well-endowed with a broader frame. People on the heavier side should avoid double-breasted suits instead; opt for single-breasted suits for a slimmer look. Irrespective of the number of buttons, it is a custom to keep the top button fastened at all times, whether standing or sitting. Moreover, always leave the bottom button open. The look is incomplete without the perfect hat.

Single Breasted Suits: The single-breasted suits are very popular, and have a global flavor. Around 99 percent of the professionals wear a single-breasted suit to the office daily. They are best for exuding a slimmer look, thanks to just one row of buttons. You should always remember to fasten the top button when you stand, but you should unbutton it as soon as you sit down. Always leave the lower button open. Complement your formal suits with stunning mens hats for creating the right look!

Hat Styles to Match Your Formal Suits

Infuse a Casual Element into Your Buttoned-up Look with a Fedora

Fedoras are classic hats that never go out of fashion. They are known for their timeless charm. This popular hat style features an indented, pinched crown and a soft brim. They are made from a broad spectrum of fabrics and materials ranging from straw to wool. They add a touch of glamour and casual sophistication to your formal look. You can choose from a variety of colors, styles, and designs. They are highly recommended by fashion gurus since they are versatile enough to complement all suit styles. Fedora hats are available in many fabrics or materials including wool felt, straw, fur felt, and even leather. You may choose the fabric as per your preference or personality. However, you should realize that different fabrics are suitable for different seasons. You can create a fashionable and outside-of-the-box look by wearing a brown leather fedora with a blue three-piece suit. The stunning high crown with a distinct pinch and a gorgeous leather brown hat band infuses a casual western touch to your contemporary look. Your leather fedora hat will look best with a slim-fit suit. Team up a well-tailored snug-fit suit with a wide-brimmed fedora hat to create a relaxed look. You may break the monotony of colors by wearing a floral printed hat band or opting for a vibrant red under the brim.

Trilby Is the Way to Go for the Casual Touch

The way you wear your suit and choose the perfect accessories will demonstrate your fashion sense and overall personality. If you are thinking of creating a bohemian, fun vibe while wearing a suit, you may opt for a carefree and fun Trilby. Trilby hats are ideal for adding a cool casual touch to your most formal or dressiest attire. The best way to grab instant audience attention is to wear a matching black Trilby with a black jacket, black shoes, and a black watch. Moreover, if you are a smart dresser, do not forget to match your rich leather shoes with a matching leather belt. This creates an instantly well-dressed look!

Bowler for the Classy Look

Bowler hats are known for their classic charm and drop-dead gorgeous looks. Bowler hats are a status symbol and a wardrobe must-have for men who love to wear formal suits. They look stunning when worn with a formal suit with pinstripes.


Hats can take your fashion with formal suits to the next level. Your formal suit look is incomplete without a perfect hat to match the ensemble. You should focus on drifting away from the cookie-cutter approach and creating your fashion trends.


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