Off-Roading Buyers Guide for Jeep Accessories Summer 2022

Off-roading isn’t about speed. It’s not about a destination. It’s about an experience, and nobody knows this better than a person who drives a Jeep. Indeed, Jeeps are the original icon of off-roading thanks to their rugged design and dynamic drivetrain. If you’re looking for some accessories to spruce yours up this summer, this guide includes everything you need to know. Find the best Jeep Wrangler JL accessories for all of your off-road endeavors, including lift kits, axle parts, seat covers, and rocker guards. See your Jeep’s full potential come to life this summer when you invest in the best upgrades available.

Upgrading Suspension

If you’ve ever tuned your Jeep’s suspension before, you know just what a major impact it can have on its performance. If you haven’t ever tuned it before, you’re about to find out. You’ll also soon see just how simple a suspension upgrade can be when you invest in the right lift kit. A lift kit typically comes with all of the CJ5 Jeep parts and tools you need to achieve a specific effect. For some Jeepers, this effect is an increased distance between the ground and the vehicle’s undercarriage. For others, it may be a softened suspension so that you can achieve better traction in uneven conditions. Both of these modifications are a good idea if you plan to spend your summer off-roading.

Actually performing a suspension tune-up might sound intimidating, but it’s a DIY task that many Jeepers enjoy doing. If you plan on softening your system, you should first review the parts that are included in your lift kit and ensure that they are suited to your Jeep’s make and model. Once you’ve confirmed that they are correct, you can start by removing the part you wish to replace — the shocks or struts, for example — and adjusting them to be softer or stiffer depending on your preference. You can then replace the bushings, if you so desire, and you can even replace the sway bars in your suspension with smaller bars.

New Soft Top Roof

Replacing your Wrangler’s roof is often the cherry on top when it comes to upgrades. You’ve used a lift kit to tune your suspension, and you’ve invested in some new seat covers to keep the interior clean. Now it’s time to find the right Jeep Wrangler YJ soft top to put on the finishing touch. There are many options to choose from, including a frameless top — which is also sometimes called a bowless or fastback top.

These soft tops are installed on the roll bars of your Jeep’s frame, and they can easily be converted to a bikini-style soft top with minimal effort. If you’d rather opt for a traditional soft top, though, there are options that provide a more classic look. You can find a complete kit that comes with the canvas soft top as well as all a folding frame, hardware, and parts that you’ll need to easily install your new roof.

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