Pallet Racking

Pallet racking has soared in popularity in recent years, providing a highly effective and efficient way to maximise storage and distribution. Whether you’re considering investing in pallet racking for home use or you have a whole warehouse or distribution centre to kit out, we’ll share all of the essential information that you need to know before buying your pallet racking.

What is Pallet Racking?

Wondering what differentiates pallet racking from standard shelving systems? Pallet racking is a special type of heavy-duty racking that is primarily manufactured to support heavy loads on pallets that can be accessed with forklift trucks. Pallet racking is modular, so you can add on more racks to extend your system to suit the dimensions of your goods and warehouse dimensions.

Different Types of Pallet Racking

Here are some of the most popular types of pallet racking used in Australia.

  • Selective Pallet Racking – An excellent choice if you have wide product differentiation, selective pallet racking goes one pallet deep and allows you to easily rapidly locate and handle your goods.
  • Double Deep Pallet Racking – Use double deep pallet racking to minimise the space taken up by aisles. Placing double deep pallet racking back to back will free up three aisles of space although you will need forklifts with longer tyres.
  • Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking – If you’re tight on space then narrow aisle pallet racking makes a good choice and is designed for compatibility with your narrow-aisle forklifts for increased manoeuvrability in tight spaces.
  • Cantilever Pallet Racking – This type of pallet racking is specifically designed for extra-long items, such as timber or piping. Consisting of a steel pallet racking framework with steel arm braces, this type of pallet racking allows for lower-level handpicking, as well as forklifts.
  • Flow Pallet Racking – Possibly the ultimate pallet racking solution, flow racking is loaded from one side with pallets that “flow” on a track down to the collection side. This specialised pallet racking system is a popular choice for perishable and seasonal goods given its first-in first-out design.
  • Industrial Shelving – For small businesses or residential use, industrial shelving makes a more practical choice. Designed to support heavy loads, industrial shelving features a similar construction framework to pallet racking and being modular, it can be adapted to suit your space.

How Much Weight can Pallet Racking Hold?

The answer all depends on what type of pallet racking you have. When choosing pallet racking it’s important to select a product that has sufficient weight capacity for your needs. Some pallet racking beams will have their specific weight capacity listed, allowing you to make up your own custom pallet racking allowing for different loads. Typical off the shelf pallet racking beams can support between 400kg up to approximately 3,000kg, although you will be able to find specialised models that can accommodate heavier loads, especially if you are going for a made-to-order custom pallet racking solution.

Is Pallet Racking the Right Choice for Me?

Do you need to maximise your storage space? Pallet racking is an excellent way to utilise vertical storage space without increasing your shelving footprint. What’s more, it is a must for storing all objects on pallets for safe and easy stacking, as well as access. Even if you do not have all of your products stored on pallets, heavy-duty industrial shelving that is essentially the same as basic pallet racking can be a smart choice for easy storage and handpicking.

Given pallet racking’s high weight capacity, longevity and ease of installation, plus its high customisation levels, if you have extensive storage needs where accessibility and organisation are priorities, then you should invest in pallet racking for your business. Alternatively, for residential use, you may prefer to install industrial shelving or lightweight pallet racking in your garage if you have a lot of seasonal equipment and accessories to store.

How Much Does Pallet Racking Cost?

Pallet racking doesn’t come cheap, especially heavy-duty models. It is, however, a good investment that tends to hold its value. For residential use or small commercial premises, you can pick up starter packs of single bay pallet racking for just a couple of hundred dollars. Afterwards, you can choose to add on extra kits or you can build your own system choosing your framework and beams individually.

Does Workplace Pallet Racking Need Certification?

In the workplace, it is essential to ensure that your pallet racking is regularly inspected. Steel storage racking must conform to the requirements of Australian Standard 4048.

Make sure that you have an appropriate inspection process in place to ensure that your pallet racking is in good shape. For advice on what to check and how to do so, take a look at this guide by SafeWork NSW. Any damage to your pallet racking should be immediately reported and you should record these damages. Stick on coloured tags can be used on the racking to identify the location of any specific faults.

Things to look out for when making an inspection of your company pallet racking include the following:

  • Floor fixings – are they secure and undamaged with a minimum of two anchors per footplate?
  • Beams – check for any structural damage, as well as verifying that the maximum load is not surpassed. Replace any missing connectors or safety clips as necessary.
  • Uprights – check that your uprights are undamaged. Replace any twisted or cracked sections. Verify that any deviation from the vertical is within the manufacturer’s listed tolerances, normally around 3 mm per metre of upright.
  • Braces – check for damage and replace any bent or broken racking braces.


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