Places to visit in Mysore

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The Mysuru Palace

Mysuru, the cultural centre of Karnataka, that goes without saying. Mysuru has been around in some form or another since the 14th century, when it was called Mahishuru. It is a stately city that is full of history and set in beautiful forests, fields, and rivers.

Once the capital of the state of Mysore, it still has a lot to offer. It’s named after things like the unique sweet dish Mysore pak, the crisp and spicy Mysore masala dosa, the flower Mysore mallige, the tender Mysore kudi yele, the fragrant Mysore sandal soap, and the elegant Mysore silk. And of course, Mysore Dasara and Jumbo Savari are well-known all over the world, so that’s not a surprise.

Gardens of Brindavan

Mysore is 21 km away from the Brindavan Gardens, spread across 60 acres of land. Built across the important river in India, Cauvery, the project took about five years to finish. There are a lot of great things to do at Brindavan Garden, like a well-synchronized fountain show with music, boating, and well-kept grass with flower beds.

Brindavan Garden was built in 1932 by the Diwan of Mysore, Sir Mirza Ismail. Millions of tourists visit the garden every year. The Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation has a boating service that connects the north and south parts of the lake with a tunai4d bridge.

The Mysore Zoo

India’s Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, also known as the Mysore Zoo, is one of the best places in the country to go to see wildlife. Maharaja Chamaraja Wodeyar built a zoo for the Royals in 1892, and he named it after him. After becoming free, it was given to the Department of Parks and Gardens of the State Government. The Zoo’s careful planning is what makes it a unique zoological garden. Usually, it looks like a place that would be home to a lot of animals. This zoo is home to more than one hundred and sixty-eight different types of animals. They range from big cats to small ones, aquatic birds to land birds, and primates to reptiles.

Somnathapura Temple

River Kaveri flows through this small town called Somanathapura. It is a peaceful place to live on the banks. Here is one of the best examples of Hoysala architecture. It’s called the Prasanna Chennakesava Temple, or just the Kesava Temple. Vaishnav Hindus built this temple in the year 1258, and it is called the “Beautiful and Mighty Lord Krishna Temple.” It’s a beautiful place, so tourists come from all over for a look. In the Hoysala Empire, there were about 1,500 temples built by the kings. One of them is the Chennakesava temple, and it is said to be the most advanced temple in the style of the Hoysala Empire. It is also unique in many ways.

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