Scenic Morocco In Movies: Places You Should Visit


Morocco is the best place to experience culture and history. Spice Route’s history and its rich culture make the country well worth visiting. Morocco has plenty to offer, from the ancient ruins of Rabat to the stunning coastline towns of Tangier and Malaga. Moroccan scenery and warm climate make it a popular filming location. Films such as “The Godfather”, “The Shawshank Redemption”, and “The Prestige” were shot in Morocco. I’ll be your guide on this virtual tour. But you should definitely join actual Morocco tours.


Netflix’s 2019 movie “Mosul” is about Iraqi troops. For its unique setting and benefits of shooting, the director choose Marrakech as the shooting spot. 

Travellers looking to explore the world should not miss this cosmopolitan city. The beautiful mosques and ancient architecture make this a popular Moroccan destination. A trip to Marrakech is definitely worth taking, whether you’re interested in taking in the sights or simply enjoying some culture.

The Grand Canaria Tour is a great way to see Marrakech on a budget. The tour costs just 45€ per person and covers everything. Tickets for each individual attraction can add up quickly if you’re looking for a complete package.

It is also possible to take Moroccan desert tours in Marrakech. It is your chance to be a part of a thrilling journey. 


Clint Eastwood’s 2014 Oscar-winning movie, “American Sniper” was shot in Rabat. Rabat is a key stop on any travel to the Middle East. The city is well known for its Ancient Ruins and its Horticultural Gardens. 

A visit to Rabat is an amazing experience for any traveller. The city of Rabat is located on the banks of the River Atlas in the south-central region of Morocco. Rabat is a must-visit city for anyone interested in exploring Moroccan culture and history, especially its Medina district and ancient architecture.

Rabat also offers plenty of activities that tourists can enjoy while in town. From hiking to horseback riding, there are plenty of options available for visitors looking to experience some great Moroccan scenery. 

Visit the shopping district adjacent to the Medina district for unique shops and restaurants if you’re looking for something more modern.

A visit to the ruins is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening, but a visit to the gardens is even more enjoyable. There are also several cultural and historical tours offered in Rabat.


Christofer Nolan chose the old Souk of Tangier as the location for a very memorable chase scene in his movie “Inception”. Tangier is a city on the Mediterranean Sea and the capital of Morocco. The city has a population of over 1 million people and is the second most populous city in Morocco after Rabat. It is also one of the largest medieval cities in North Africa.

Tangier has a long history as a thriving commercial centre for the region. The city was founded by Berber colonists in the 6th century A.D. and became an important trading port on the North African coast. Its historic architecture, seafood restaurants, and vibrant nightlife have made Tangier a popular tourist destination for locals and visitors alike.

Here are some of the top attractions in Tangier: 

The Bardo Museum

In Tangier’s old part, this museum offers a breathtaking view of the Golden Horn. Featuring exhibits on Islamic art, history, and culture, it is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

The Mosque of Sultana Mahallesi

Built-in 1288, this mosque features beautiful architecture and stunning mosaics. Located in Tangiers Old City, it is open every day from 9 am to 4 pm.


“Lawrence Of Arabia” was my favourite Thursday night movie. This thrilling adventure was captured on the background of Casablanca. 

Casablanca is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. It has a host of attractions that visitors can enjoy. Some of the most popular attractions in Casablanca include its city centre, the old quarter, and the harbour. The harbour is home to a number of boats that offer day trips or a full tour. Other popular attractions include its historical sites such as the old medina and the citadel.

Iberian Peninsula city Casablanca was formerly a French settlement. During the 19th century, it became an important centre of culture and commerce. Today, Casablanca offers a range of attractions for tourists, including its famous architecture and history. 

This is the largest city in Morocco and one of its main commercial and cultural centres. It has a range of ancient landmarks, including the Negresi Mosque, which dates back to the 7th century. The city also has a number of markets and squares, as well as large shopping malls.


Morocco is a country with many sites to visit, from ancient ruins to modern attractions. While some sites are more well-known than others, there are plenty of others to explore in Morocco. But these cities will make you nostalgic. Only seen before on screen, it will give you an amazing experience.

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