Selling your UTV online: what you need to know

You can sell many unwanted items online, like your old clothes or DVDs of movies you no longer watch (or are part of your streaming service). When it comes to larger items, you might be reluctant to try for many reasons – however, by not doing this, you could very well be leaving money on the table or drastically increasing the amount of time it takes your UTV to sell.

You might not know where to start, but by looking at these few areas, you can overcome some of the main hurdles and make the whole process a lot easier.

Think about where you are listing your UTV

The first hurdle to get over is to know where to list your UTV. The obvious starting place is eBay, which allows you to sell just about everything apart from a few banned items. As well as this (and depending on where you live), you may be aware of UTV specialist sites that have message boards where you can also buy and sell vehicles.

There is nothing to stop you from listing on all of the available platforms. Still, you need to be aware of the different questions you are likely to be asked – with more general questions coming from eBay users and more in-depth, technical questions from those who are already quite knowledgeable about UTVs.

How to list your UTV

Regardless of where you are selling, the strategy for listing is still the same. Be honest and truthful about what you are selling and all the faults – along with making the most of all the good points. You should also include many photos (as many as each platform will allow) to ensure there is no misinterpretation of what you describe.

Getting the right photos is a key element, and instead of just photographing the UTV in storage or at home on your driveway, perhaps add some images of the vehicle in action. By doing this, people can see what it can do and help them develop the same affection for your UTV.

Get the right shipping deal

By looking for a UTV shipping specialist, moving a UTV can be much easier, as they know what they are doing – and you can let them take the strain. By checking on all of the right websites, you can also compare prices and go for whichever one takes your fancy. This also means that your UTV will reach the new owner unscathed, and any mishaps along the way will be covered by insurance.

The biggest hurdle, at least in your mind, will be how you are going to get it to the new owner. This might make you think you can only sell to people in the same area, but getting the right deal on shipping can open up a whole new customer base and increase the chances of getting the price you want quickly. Taking all these points into consideration means that you should have no trouble selling and shipping your UTV to its new owner.

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