Sexual Harassment in High Schools- A Serious Matter to Look After

Sexual harassment or discrimination is a serious matter especially in schools when children are just shaping their careers. It is their time to focus on their study and the life ahead of them. If at this stage, they encounter such an incident, they might have to suffer for a lifetime because their mindset will get affected in an adverse manner. Such matters can only be resolved with the help of school authorities or a good lawyer such as It is our duty to teach our children not to get scared of such incidents. Instead, they must learn to deal with them wisely.

Facts about sexual harassment in schools 

It should be noted that sexual harassment is no different in schools from what it is in the workplace. The only difference is that children may not know how to handle such situations. Some of the vital facts about such incidents are:

Anyone can get sexually harassed

We all have the mindset that only females can be harassed sexually. On the contrary, boys in schools can also get sexually harassed. Therefore, the school authorities should protect the rights of girls and boys both on the school premises and look into the matter seriously.

Examples of sexual harassment

It is important to learn what is actually called sexual harassment in high schools. For girls, catcalling, body commenting, asking out for dates, pressurizing for sex, inappropriate touching, pinching or spanking can be considered sexual harassment. For boys, name-calling, bullying based on sexual comments, asking to remove pants in public, and other such incidents can be considered sexual harassment.

No gray area for sexual harassment incidents 

The school authorities are responsible for giving an undeniable support system for all students including boys and girls. They should introduce a relevant policy based on the state and federal laws protecting the rights of their students.  There should not be any confusion about acceptable behavior in schools and every student must be made aware of it. 

Get parents involved in the sexual harassment policy

The school administration must get the policy formulated and signed by parents. It will clear the air and they will be able to interact with their wards in a better manner. It will also reduce such cases in schools to a great extent.

When you are facing any of these incidents, you should bring them to the notice of your teachers and school authorities without any further delay. 

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