Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the USA is a popular choice for international students pursuing a career in finance and accounting. You can become a licensed US CPA even if you are not a US citizen by fulfilling the CPA USA requirements for international students set by the Board of Accountancy.

Why International Students Prefer CPA in the USA

As a CPA, you can shift effortlessly from public accounting to senior corporate positions and vice versa. The CPA exam equips you to expand your services to encompass auditing and attestation, financial accounting and reporting, regulation, and business environment and principles.

Whether you are interested in conventional or non-conventional accounting job routes, this certification will expand your possibilities.

Studying CPA in the USA: Tips for International Students

We have compiled our best advice for international students on preparing for the CPA exam. These ideas will assist you in approaching each examination as prepared as possible.

1.     Prepare Ahead

In addition to improved job and career prospects, attaining your CPA certification will give you the respect of your colleagues and a higher CPA income. But do not delay taking the exam until you have landed your first job or gained additional experience.

The ideal time to prepare for it is throughout school, and the best time to take it is as soon after graduation as possible when all the material is still fresh in your memory. It is advisable to plan ahead if you wish to study CPA in the USA as an international student.

Take the time to learn about CPA USA requirements for international students. If you are an international student seeking to take the CPA Exam, it is best to begin the application procedure at least four to six months before your intended exam date.

You will need time for foreign transcript evaluation for CPA. Remember, choosing the right organization for credential evaluation is important to ensure a seamless application.  Also, allocate time for acquiring a US visa if required and make travel arrangements.

2.     Take a CPA Mock Exam

CPA practice exams are tailored to each section so you can determine what you need to work on. After completing a mock exam, you may design a strategy and focus your study habits on the precise areas you need to strengthen.

By planning what test subjects you will study and when you begin each one, you will be better able to properly absorb the topic that is capturing your attention. This reduces the likelihood of slipping into rabbit holes and losing track during study sessions.

3.     Build a Support Network

Find all the help you can get when studying CPA in the USA as an international student. Networking is important. Ask others who have already taken the exam what they did to prepare. Check to see if they have any useful advice or resources that are not obsolete.

Given how tough the CPA test is, a large number of people would happily assist someone who is about to begin on this challenging road.

If you enjoy group work and can locate other serious CPA candidates, organize or join a study group. Not only can your peers assist you in navigating challenging regions, but discussing topics with others may also help you better comprehend those concepts yourself. Plus, they may have helpful CPA test study suggestions to give.

4.     Look after Yourself

Your brain needs a good diet, exercise, and relaxation like your body. So, make sure you take the time to prepare healthy meals rather than relying on fast food. It is also important to maintain a regular exercise routine. Consider reading your flashcards while on an exercise bike or elliptical.

Finally, do not want to jeopardize your chances of learning because you are completely exhausted and unable to concentrate. It is advisable to establish a time at which you will finish studying and go to bed.

5.     Be Smart about Scheduling

Most individuals believe that it is best to schedule their CPA exam as long in advance as possible. However, as is typically the case, unforeseen events occur, and the majority of test-takers who have not completed the content receive a score of 74 or less.

Instead of taking this route, prepare a mental timeline of when you expect to take the exam. Then schedule the examination for when you’re prepared to take it. This only applies if you reside in a region with several Prometric testing centers. If there is just one testing facility in your area, it is more probable that your available testing slots will fill up soon.

However, if they fill up, participants typically cancel their exams five days beforehand, reopening the spots. Simply continue to check the availability in your location to secure your preferred time and day.

The Bottom Line: Get Started Today with ERES

The accounting profession is flourishing globally. Thus it is only natural for international students to pursue CPA in the US. Now that you know all about studying CPA in the USA, it’s time you get started with the evaluation of your foreign transcript.

Educational Records Evaluation Service (ERES) is one of the leading credential evaluation organizations that you can employ for your educational records evaluation. ERES can help you transform your international education into future opportunities.

Once your application is approved, you can take the exam in the location of your choice. Today, more locations are available to candidates than ever before. The CPA Exam is conducted in chosen international Prometric testing facilities, so explore your options and choose the most feasible location.

Keep in mind that the same exam is administrated in all facilities. The key difference for international students only includes an informed consent agreement, additional identification procedures, and foreign transcript evaluation for CPA.


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