The 5 Features That Make Businesses Migrate to Microsoft 365

In a world where business is becoming increasingly reliant on technology, businesses need to be utilizing the right solutions. Better yet, a business should look for unified solutions – this means apps and services that can be integrated to optimize the flow of work. A great example of this is Microsoft 365, a product that has a long history. We discussed Microsoft 365 with TechQuarters, a partner of Microsoft based in London. TechQuarters has provided managed IT services London business rely on; as part of those services, they have helped many businesses migrate to Microsoft 365. They themselves rely on it, and believe that it is a perfect productivity solution for any business.

What exactly is Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is not actually one single solution, but a number of interconnected solutions that work seamlessly together to make workflows as efficient as possible. When we asked TechQuarters about it, they described Microsoft 365 as a ‘business-in-a-box solution’, as all the apps and services included serve a different, crucial purpose within an organisation.

Most people are familiar with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which are among the key products in Microsoft 365 – they provide businesses with most of the content creation capabilities they will ever need. Furthermore, Microsoft 365 includes enterprise-class email facilities through Outlook and the Exchange Server. File management is optimized with SharePoint and OneDrive – both of which are cloud-based storage solutions. Microsoft Teams is a platform that unifies several crucial forms of business communication, and acts as the ideal collaboration solution for an organisation.

Top 5 Features of Microsoft 365

There are many great features to Microsoft 365. The fundamental value of the service comes from the fact that it can hep streamline many different tasks, processes, and workflows for an organisation. TechQuarters said that it helps them everyday in providing IT support in Manchester, London, and many other parts of the UK. Below, we have listed five things in Microsoft 365 that make businesses want to migrate to it.

  • Secure Storage

The first thing to note is that Microsoft 365 offers very robust storage. As mentioned above, it includes OneDrive and SharePoint. OneDrive gives 1TB of cloud storage to every licensed user, and SharePoint can be used by an organisation to create a comprehensive shared storage platform, with different sites for different teams or departments. As both services are built within the Microsoft Cloud, they are backed up by industry-grade cloud security.

  • Best-in-class Productivity

Microsoft 365 includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint, which are market leading apps for content creation. Furthermore, it includes a great note-taking app (OneNote), and Teams integrates with Outlook calendar and both OneDrive and SharePoint. All of these things come together to offer some of the best, most streamlined productivity a business can hope for.

  • Company-wide Licensing

Microsoft 365 gives you apps for some of the most essential business processes, covered by a single license. Without a unified solution like this, businesses have to purchase licensing for multiple different apps and services, in order to cover all of their needs. Furthermore, licensing comes at a flat monthly rate, so it is easy to manage and balance the costs within the organisation.

  • Remote Work Tools

In a post-Covid world, it is very important for businesses to have the option to work remotely, or to implement hybrid working. Microsoft 365 is perfectly setup to make remote work not only possible, but highly viable. Between the cloud storage, comprehensive communication, and best-in-class productivity solutions, a business would be hard-pressed to find a better remote work solution than this.

  • Excellent Cyber Security

There are many ways in which Microsoft 365 can guarantee businesses a better standard for cyber security. Firstly, M365 enables comprehensive access control for an organisation’s data. For instance, SharePoint can be configured so that no files can be shared outside of the organisation. Furthermore, Microsoft 365 for Business plans include Enterprise Mobility + Security, which offers a range of solutions, such as Mobile Device Management, Identity Access Management, and more.

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