Are you striving to get your ideal animated video? If yes, then you’re at the right place. We’re a digital solution provider that serves customers with high-end animated videos, and marketing services to later boost those on different platforms. We are having a team of animators, who’re experts in building compelling animated videos filled with appealing objects, and navigations giving it a more amazing look.

Being pioneers in the digital world, we know the factors on which customers choose to work with any video animating company. There are different steps that lead to getting you with your ideal animated videos.

In this video, we are going to know about the 5 most important steps that will help you rectify if you’re connected with the right video animating company.

There are different companies operational worldwide, offering sleek services to the customers making the journey amazing.

So, if you’re eager to discover the magical steps behind compelling animated videos then here you go with the quick steps.

But before that let’s first know, what is an animation process and how is it done?

What is the Animation Process?

The 2D video animation process is the technique by which you can create the illusion of the movements, using still images in a two-dimensional space. It includes characters, storyboard, background, and other vector graphics.

It includes 2D and 3D animation both, depending entirely on the type of animated videos you’re planning to make for your customers. There are different tools available as well, like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and other compelling software.

What Are The Compelling Steps For Creating Animation?

While all animation projects requires different steps, but the most common animation video making steps includes these 5 most fundamental steps;

  1. Gathering Information & Researching Trends
  2. Concept And Script Writing
  3. Voiceover Recording
  4. Storyboarding
  5. Animation & Music

Let’s get started with a detailed discussion.

1. Gathering Information & Researching The Trends

Before you start with the animation, there is something that you should keep in mind which will lay the foundation for your animated videos. An experienced animator will always gather information related to the video first and then research the trends.

At this stage, they’re responsible for communicating with the clients and selecting the right animation strategy for the video project. So, before we start with another step we first do research about what’s trending in the animation market.

We start asking the client to fill in the creative brief, which enables us to know what the customers are expecting from us.

Moreover, we do research as well which lets us know what’s trending in the world of animation. There was a time when 2D animation was very popular, and right now people are moving toward 3D animation.

So, this is how the gap between the animation industry starts to dive in and people think of something new every other day.

2. Concept And Script Writing Of Animated Videos

Without a compelling story, and script how can you start off with your animated video? Basically, before even starting with animation one has to look into the concept and scriptwriting to get an idea of which points you’re going to cover in your animated video.

Most of us are unaware of the fact that animated videos turn out to be a masterpiece only if you have a good script for getting started with the animation. The movements, objects, characters, and the collaboration between them, everything is a part of a script and it comes beneath the JD of concept or scriptwriter.

A concept animator will draw different situations in which the character will stand, and do all the movements. In this way, you can easily captivate the attention of the audience and come up with something unique for them!

3. Voiceover Recording

Some people go for fake voice, while some pursue starting with genuine voiceover recording for their animated videos.

No matter if you have a good and compelling script for your animated video but if it doesn’t have a good voice to connect with the audience then there is no use for it.

Taking the concept from paper to starting with the script yourself there are different things that come along. You can find the ideal voiceover for your animated video from the list of artists you have researched and here you interconnect with the first stage.

There are different things that you should pay attention to like the pace of speaking. It is important to give your viewers enough time to digest and understand what you’re saying in the video.

4. Storyboarding For Your Animated Video

The next step is to connect with the audience, by creating visuals that appeal to them. With a detailed storyboard, you can better attract customers, and decide how screens can be divided with creativity.

A storyboard designer helps in designing, and animating the design screens, with transitions and progression in the animated video. For instance, you can research and see some storyboarding ideas to better see how things are done.

5. Animation And Background Music

And boom, once we’re done with the storyboarding, scriptwriting, and other important things the last thing is to start the animation and add background music to the animated video.

It’s basically related to the animation process, including the character designing, eye candy, icons, background colors, and everything related to the designs.

Normally, it’s ideal to create two to three visually appealing styles for the client to choose from it. Based on the client’s requirement, we then translate those rough sketches into colored illustrations.

Moreover, the animator should add background music to the animated video that gives the video a refreshing and amazing look with a feel.

Wrapping Up | Amazing Animation Video

We hope you all enjoyed reading about the steps through which you can get your ideal animated video. It might take some time, and effort but the results will amaze you. However, if you still have any questions in mind feel free to share in the comments section. For video animation services visit:


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