The latest advancements in branded bottled water

New trends and technology are changing the game everywhere and so it does in the branded bottled water industry too. From flavored drinks to custom-created water compositions bottling companies are keeping the competition high with new variants, packaging, and mottos.

Now you can find in general still, mineral or sparkling water in branded water bottle range rather than just the simple mineral water. Also, some of the branded water bottle companies claim to sell fresh spring water in the city areas too.

Not only has this but you got organically flavored water, which is great in taste with added vitamins etc., and no chemicals. Even if you wish to you can request your desired composition or flavors in some of the branded bottled water from the supplier. This all hassle ensure great revenues for the company and the brands are focused completely on marketing to supplying in engaging the customers in new variants and trends to earn huge profits.

Some of the advancements and latest trends that branded bottled water companies have introduced in recent years are:

⮚ Vitamin and infused water

Many companies are selling branded bottled water that has infused fruit flavors and added vitamins like detox versions or in general that people can buy. This is done without altering the composition or mineral value of the water and you just get a hint of taste or in some cases no change in taste just the vitamin added. These branded water bottles are although pricey but are very popular in trend these days.

⮚ Origin specific water range

Another trend in branded bottled water is to sell water from springs or rivers of a specific origin and supply it to the far-end cities and areas. This is country-specific in general so that the freshness and taste of water from springs or rivers is intact as far as they can go.

⮚ Customized bottled water


People and health geeks nowadays are very specific about what they eat and drink and that is the same in drinking water too. so, you can get customized PH or mineral content in branded bottled water made as per your order by the company.

⮚ Custom packaging specific to the area of sales

You all must have seen the changing wrappers and logos on the branded water bottles when an event or festival is coming. This trend is going on for decades, but now it has caught the hype and even the smallest trends on social media are found on the cans and bottles of companies. You can also get names or anything special printed too on your bottle.

⮚ Bio-degradable or reusable containers

What most the branded bottled water companies claim nowadays or trying to do is, to use bio-degradable plastic bottles or glass ones to supply water. Aluminum water cans and containers are also in trend. Well, we haven’t seen many changes yet from the bigger brands but there is a slight shift on the horizon and we hope to see environment safe steps from the brands in near future.

These are some of the latest advancements in the branded bottled water industry, people trust branded water bottles more to drink anywhere in the world due to the ever-increasing pollution and diseases and if someone wants to get in this market space then they must keep up with these trends and high standards to attract customers.

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